Electrical supervisor will 9 announcement for rectification license to use

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Electricity use requires rectification license supervisor will bulletin sjhok P state electricity regulatory commission announced the 9th, in accordance with requirements of the state electricity regulatory commission, recently conducted (guangdong Repair, test) License usage power facilities and new generating sets for licenses inspection work. Via checking, individual power grid enterprises will not (guangdong Repair, test) Electricity facilities permit as the essential condition of bidding, a construction enterprise without a license or exceed permission level employees, individual for new power generation company, failure to submit required permission, without a licence. Whoever without a licence will be issued by the electricity regulatory authorities as engaged in guangdong ( Repair, test) Power facilities business prerequisite of power grid enterprises at all levels, must be in before August 15, 2007 after rectification, improve the system of license to use, and the public in the business premises. To deliver projects without a license or beyond the scope of professional enterprise of power grid enterprise, must be in the rectification is completed before August 20, 2007. Has not obtained a permit or beyond the scope of license from guangdong, Repair, test) Enterprise power facilities, must stop the construction activities, in accordance with the provisions to the electricity regulatory agency to apply for licenses. Has been ordered to stop the construction, in prior to the issuance of license, shall not resume already stop related construction activities. The new generation of enterprise (60000 kw or more List attached) , must be in before August 20, 2007 to submit application materials to the electricity regulatory institution. To submit an application within the time limit still not of, power regulator will take off the measures according to the relevant provisions, and pursue the responsibility of the enterprise responsible person. Power regulator, will verify the implementation and acceptance of this announcement, for did not meet the requirements of the rectification, will be handled respectively in accordance with the law. Notice is hereby given that the. Attachment: no list of enterprises applying for electric power business licenses in accordance with the relevant provisions state electricity regulatory commission attachment: August 3, 2007 is not enterprise applying for electric power business licenses as prescribed list number 1 enterprise name ping yongfa paper co. , LTD. Shandong Texas Shanghai self-provided power plant of self-provided power plant, pharmaceutical factory of Harbin pharmaceutical group 2 3 4 shanxi xing dragon lion dam hydropower station thermoelectric co. , LTD. , yulin economic development zone 5 huitong co. , LTD. 6 god shenmu county xing coal electrochemical co. , LTD. , wuxi 7 blade came down power plant 8 chongqing gold creek water and electricity co. , LTD. 9 10 xianfeng scene of letan hydropower station bear wet electric development co. , LTD. 11 hefeng taoyuan hydropower limited liability company 12 enshi huayuan hydropower development co. , LTD. Source: China power network
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