Electrical fire frequency stimulation flame retardant wire and cable market expanding

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Electrical fire frequency stimulation of the flame retardant wire and cable market expand xianlan P building electrical fire is the current problem that nots allow to ignore, along with the increasing seriousness of building electrical fire in recent years, the public electrical safety consciousness, flame retardant wire and cable, or will usher in development opportunities at the same time also faces serious challenges. I saw a report two days before, in the east suburb of xi 'an sirens road near a warehouse fire, the fire caused the warehouse around the wire circuit was burned, nearby residents affected by electricity. After the fire, the fire is bigger, the surrounding wires are burning, lead to warehouse near stopped electricity. For near power lines happened to pass through the warehouse again, the fire cause wire was burned, cause blackouts month's cabinet near the village. Luckily, the accident caused no casualties. The serious situation of electrical fires or will spur demand for flame retardant wire and cable. A few years ago in the promotion of these products, a lot of people don't understand, even said 'not necessary'. But now, with people constantly improve the fire safety consciousness, the government is also more and more attention. Over the years, major fire accident caused by electrical reason has been high proportion. Electrical wiring of the flame retardant and fireproof properties is an important factor to cause electrical fire, therefore, frequent fire accident, consumer demand for the product durability is the factors affecting the flame retardant cable demand growth. The serious situation of electrical fire will also enhance the performance requirements of flame retardant wire and cable, and it will be a big challenge of domestic wire and cable manufacturing enterprises. Now more and more high-rise buildings, the fire safety level required a lot higher than the original. Used to flame retardant cable can now ensure electricity requirements on fire after hours, so only super refractory materials. Selection of fire-resistant cable in civil buildings should not only meet the requirements of fire control, and to consider the cost factor. When choosing the level of fireproof cables, besides considering the structure of the nature and scale factors, should also be in accordance with the fire fighting equipment of fire mission time factor is more reasonable.
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