Electrical energy alternative open cable new markets reduce excess capacity

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Electricity instead of opening up new markets to relieve excess capacity zhdljyw P cable industry overcapacity has become a major problem in the industry, in fact, cable market serious supply exceeds demand in China, the competition is cruel and heated, a large number of cable companies in order to survive, in the case of brand and technology are not dominant, only with the help of price means to fight for market share. Second to the auto manufacturing industry, wire and cable industry after won 'the world', by rushing in 'red sea' severe overcapacity. Less than forty percent of the capacity utilization is less than half of Europe and the United States over the same period, continuous loss formed a huge pressure in many companies. Recently, clean energy is paid attention to government day by day, and the electric energy alternative technologies mature, economic advantage is obvious. The northern region winter for a long time, mainly USES the coal-fired boiler heating heating, causing serious air pollution. If take energy alternative to electrical energy or solar energy instead of coal-fired steam heating, not only the heating cost greatly reduced, and will not cause environmental pollution. The advantage of the power as a clean energy, alternative has huge potential. Early this year, the national power grid of annual electrical energy alternative work advance will is put forward to ensure the annual KWH, strive to achieve hundred million kilowatt hour alternative power requirements. At present, mainly through around the coal for electricity generation, electricity generation oil to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, such as in European and American developed countries, electric heating rate is very high, % city in the United States electric heating, Canada, Germany, France and other electric heating compared in % above. Recently developed carbon fiber heating cables, heating cable system application to the phase of technological innovation. The application of 'electric heating' widely involve families. Inside the house, for example, can realize the walls, floor, space heating. Among them, the walls and floor heating system, only needs a large number of heating cable. Electric heating advantage compared to coal heating is more obvious. At present, the domestic electric power supply and demand contradiction is moderate, year, part of the coal to reduce coal transportation costs, develop the coal-fired power, coal transportation for electricity transmission, and countries are developing wind power, solar power, hydropower, nuclear power, electricity has been winter surplus phenomenon, this provides enough space for the electric heating. Such as electric heating of the widely used gradually accepted by each region, preferential policies, the new environmental protection energy use is more and more popular, the excess capacity, to some extent also open up new markets for the cable industry.
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