Electric heat tracing system of tank insulation design?

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Electric heat tracing system of tank insulation design? Knifeqiao P the traditional tank insulation is using steam or hot water heating, but Clinton heat preservation effect. The new heat preservation measures - Electricity use, environmental protection, thermal insulation system equipment briefly, because of its high performance and pollution-free characteristics, freeze protection is widely used in tanks. Tanks how plan electric heating, heating demand according to use environment and heat-resistant surface condition can choose suitable electric heating. Vats of medium usually might be some oil, water, gas, etc. Electric tracing band of tank insulation principle can be divided into: heating tanks, heating medium, and the tanks and medium heat tracing. If the gas medium, gas heating some heat loss is negligible. If it is oil and water demand calculation power size, water and oil absorption heat power is not the same size is different also. Tanks for different material, different thickness of the required heating power of tank is different also. Therefore he should be considered in the planning of tank material, wall thickness of tank, tank volume, density, etc. , and the quality of the medium. At the time of equipment, because the tanks may be full of, not for whole big jar, and only two-thirds of equipment bearing. Claims after good electric tracing band user equipment, to the tanks with insulation material, whole heat preservation processing. Using the advantage of heat preservation system of electric tracing band:, small electric tracing band shape dimension, shape will not change tank insulation, laying, electric tracing band rely on aluminum foil tape is fixed on the heating body full contact, in the thermal efficiency can reach more than %. , electric heating of heat tracing system planning and construction of a brief, cycle short, usually to protect small maintenance workload. This is 'tank insulation electric heat tracing system how to useful plan? 'The full text. Tank insulation electric heat tracing system chemical special explosion-proof electric tracing band electric tropical fire pipeline electric tracing band electric tropical V, V safety voltage limit temperature electric tracing band electric tropical AB LCD screen electric floor heating thermostat is Beijing xicheng district apartments case ( Electricity floor heating) Nanjing high-grade villa electric floor heating engineering ( Heating cable) Hebei chengde county animal husbandry Wan Hong city garden electricity floor heating heating of the heating cable insulation yangzhou case ( Heating cable) Off the coast of jinan central garden electric floor heating engineering ( Heating cable) Urumqi toutunhe a center of electric floor heating installation
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