Electric heat tracing system distribution box system configuration

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Electric heat tracing system distribution box system configuration parsing knifeqiao P distribution box system configuration parsing: electric heat tracing system distribution box in the electric heat tracing system play a very important role in the electric heat tracing system installation time need according to the requirements of the site environment temperature, which is to be heat preservation and the length of the pipe selected adopt what kind of specifications of electric tracing band, and if the electric tracing band use is self limiting temperature electric heating zone is very much needed to be considered, so the distribution box system must according to the electric heat tracing system when choose and decide. Distribution box is used to display equipment or pipeline is the main purpose of the wall temperature of centralized control electric heating temperature range. Distribution box system need while installing the main power supply to the field explosion-proof electric heat tracing control box, the control box should have a spare circuit. Electric heat tracing system control box located in dangerous environments, such as explosion, explosion-proof grade according to Exde Ⅱ BT, protection class IP design, and adopt measures to prevent the rain, moisture proof. Each control cabinet configuration is as follows: ( ) Circuit breaker used in the normal manufacturer production products; If the main power supply for the v, the three-phase three pole circuit breaker into line, line using bipolar v circuit breaker, and equipped with leakage protection module. Can also be at the beginning of the program design, consider to choose v electric heating directly and specifically according to site conditions and work requirements. ( ) Loop configuration power light into the line, with each outlet points loop with tropical running lights. ( ) Control box under the inlet and outlet are used in bottom out, into the outlet configuration explosion-proof glen. ( ) Control: each control circuits of electric tracing band access temperature digital display instrument, through on-site blast temperature sensor connected to temperature signal collection site, used to display equipment or pipeline wall temperature. Through digital display instrument of temperature setting, which can realize electric tracing band for automatic control, according to the change of the electric heating temperature automatic adjustment, the purpose of automatic control. Xi 'an electric tracing band in a large distribution box electric heating device applied in engineering construction is very much, circuit device according to the requirements and decide, if the user needs to take centralized control on the electric heat tracing system, can be ordered together when buying electric tracing band distribution box system. Xian _ with tropical factory finishing [knifeqiao edited]
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