Electric change: a worldwide problem solutions in China

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Electric change: the worldwide problem of Chinese solution globledata P electric change is a worldwide problem, its technical complexity, management and safety of relevance and contradictions, and many other problems doomed electric change is a tough nut to 'crack'. Distance last electric change is years, but the expected target only half finished. Always play not to break the absolute monopoly to become China's new electric change must chew off 'crack'. Review of China's electric power system reform, the year of the electric system reform scheme ( The country is sent [ ] Date file, hereinafter referred to as the 'no. ') 'Movement' is the largest, it puts forward the 'factory network, advocate complementary separation, distribution separated apart and bid online' electric change path and goals. Thus, to break the monopoly and introducing competition of must have shown. The state electricity regulatory commission was established, began to perform the duties of electric power market regulators, in order to realize 'political prison apart'. Be broken up in the same year, the national electric power company, its management according to the power generation and power grid assets are classified, and the assets reorganization, the reform of the 'factory network separation'. On reform of 'separation' advocate complementary, although years of stalemate, with years of power grid companies reconnaissance design, thermal power, water and electricity construction enterprise and power maintenance enterprises, stripped, and incorporated into the newly established China in turbine and can be built in China, the reform of 'separation' advocate complementary to complete. Electric propulsion instead seem suitable points well, but 'distribution separated' and 'bid online' on the issue of an abrupt end. # during the reform, remain the absolute monopoly power grid enterprise, to the central committee of the CCP, the State Council on further deepening the reform of electric power system of several opinions ( Found (), hereinafter referred to as the 'no. ') No expectations, thousands of years, the reform goals only half complete. On the way electricity change, market-oriented and break monopoly is unable to avoid. No. And think 'trading mechanism is missing, resource use efficiency is not high. Price relationship not straighten out, market-oriented pricing mechanism has not yet fully formed. Change of government function does not reach the designated position, all kinds of planning and coordination mechanism is not perfect. Legislative practices work relative lag, restricting power market and healthy development. 'These reforms are needed to solve. No. No. And value orientation is different, aims to build a green low carbon, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and more safety and reliable, comprehensive resources optimization configuration of new type of electric power management system, to promote our country to energy trend of electricity production, consumption and technical structure of the overall transformation, and years are fundamentally different. No closer to China's national conditions, and more operable. Is the core of the new electric change price, but the key factors influencing the electricity prices is the government's administrative intervention and the absolute monopoly of state grid. No. In the years only half complete reform goal, is to eliminate the reform resistance how hard journey. To solve these two problems, there are still a lot of form a complete set and the follow-up work to do.
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