Electric cars popular more than a trend line companies charging power cable

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Electric cars popular more than a trend line companies charging power cable cable net P [ Cable network - 】 Abolish the current local directory new energy cars, break the regional protection; Developed countries new energy vehicles support policy indicates the popularity of electric vehicles is the trend of The Times. The popularity of electric cars will also bring a lot of charging cables. With the keen business acumen, wanma cable, CSL cable, nanyang cable entering the charging cable field. In the face of increasingly severe energy, environment, climate change, the development of new energy vehicles has become a global consensus. In the new energy vehicles, zero emissions, zero pollution most promising pure electric vehicle, its popularity has is the trend of The Times. As the tesla is popular, rapid rise and expansion of new energy automobile market in China. Nowadays electric cars to be bestowed favor on newly BMW I series and the tesla Model S is hot, audi, porsche, nissan was preparing to launch a ray of car companies such as electric cars for the market share. New energy vehicles ushered in the era of warlords battle, a lot of charging cables demand will bring the huge market for electric wire DianLanYe. In the face of the rapid development of new energy electric vehicles market demand, wanma cable from began charging pile product layout, priorities this year to start the bidding of building charging pile, wanma cable in times of state grid corporation of electric vehicle in electric equipment tendering on the list. 'The state has issued policies about energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection, new energy vehicles publicity and promotion will be charging infrastructure construction is one of the important development trend of the future. Nanyang co has won three 'a kind of electric vehicle charging dc cable and two' a charging cable communication electric cars' utility model patents. 'Nanyang co chairman Zheng Zhong south to reporters that once solve the problem of charging and mileage, new energy automobile market will usher in, this will be a huge market for charging cable. CSL cable, a subsidiary of pearl cable in the EV charging electric cars use cable as the annual new product development project, and recently won the German Rhine TuV certificate of the company. The electric vehicle charging device components such as mostly USES the German TuV product certification, so electric car vehicle plant and charging unit plant when choosing the form a complete set of charging cable, and mostly for the sake of their products to TuV product certification. TuV product certification engineers say, charging cable to pass TuV product certification, must go through electronic, mechanical properties, low temperature, temperature and humidity cycle, fluid compatibility, resistance to external pressure, the whole line stretching, bending resistance, environment, combustion performance test experiment. In the popularization of the electric car, needs a lot of charging cables will add momentum to the cable industry development in our country. Currently in its infancy, the market has a power cable companies can focus on its Chinese web, south network, petrochina, sinopec, the electric car manufacturers and cutting-edge, typical of the city of building model, a charging cable and the expansion of form a complete set of business.
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