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Dry! Wire and cable safe little common sense

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Dry! Wire and cable safe little common sense MXDL P society nowadays, housing construction in the electrical system has become increasingly complex, increasingly increased use of wire and cable, and usage, wires, cables and pipelines in building freely crisscross, dotted, brought great convenience to our life. But, on the other hand, the use of wire and cable, some unsafe factors and people's safe consciousness is weak, also makes the incidence of wire and cable fire accident is higher and higher. Last year, according to the author, wire and cable fire accident about % of the total number of electrical fire accident. In order to enhance people's safety consciousness, ensure the safety of life and property safety, improve the safety and reliability of electric system, the author summarizes the safe of small common sense: partial insulation, wire and cable lines and must be kept smooth and good, and regularly check on time; Sockets, switches and wires must not be exposed, to prevent leakage, electric shock, etc; Don't apply the indiscriminate pull, how much square wire and how much we take current, rated voltage, are fixed, so casually pull disorderly wiring, easy to cause the overload operation, such as short circuit accident. , don't stand on the wet ground moving or touching a charged object or wire insulation lesions, in case of electric shock. And total brake to fuse selection of reasonable place, not allowed to use copper wire, aluminum wire or iron wire instead. , all of the power or related instructions of electrical equipment, set the ground wire must be in accordance with the standards or regulations. The use of wire quality must conform to the national standard. , if the fire caused by electrical wiring short circuit, or other related factors, remember to cut off the power supply first, cannot extinguish with water directly, to prevent electric shock injuries, etc. Was widely used in electrical appliances and life today, wire and cable safe little common sense is particularly important. Safety electricity, reasonable use electricity, in ensuring the quality of life at the same time, ensure the security of the electricity!
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