Double DaoFa heating cable and single DaoFa heating cable

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Double DaoFa cable with single DaoFa hot cable different knifeqiao P in the choose and buy of electric heating and the inquiry process, we often encounter on double DaoFa cable with single DaoFa hot cable selected questions, such as often have customers ask: why choose double guide tropical. Business of today's tropical manufacturer electric is the little doubt to popular science articles for us. PK structure difference is just the wire core structure difference of the two original is only the single core and dual core wire core differences in its circuit, electric heating of the second double core is more flat, that's all. Heating on the principle of both are the same, whether it's hot principle is still a means of temperature control, heating cable is divided into single guide and double guide two standard, in the practical work, the working principle of the common, heating cable electric heating, low temperature, heat through agile fever, will ( Convection) Method and announced that the infrared radiation to the floor, the heating of the heat radiation in the whole area. Double DaoFa heat faster installation, space more freedom in equipment bento, double DaoFa heating cable floor heating equipment more lunch. Because single DaoFa heating cable equipment at both ends need connecting power supply, laying time needs to be the end of the heating cable back to the connection. So requests, in many cases, the operation will be very difficult, assumes that the room has a very large area, the length of the cable is very long. Perhaps room structure is more complex, and many of the room wall body is not so straight, consists of more than one line, so it is trouble. Using the double DaoFa heating cable does not need to consider such questions, because the double DaoFa hot double core cable, its circuit, all power supply wiring all on the same side. In practice equipment, only need power supply terminal connection. So more flexibility in equipment, equipment according to the specific circumstances in any place, greatly reduce the difficulty of the construction of practice floor heating work. Above is the 'double DaoFa cable with single DaoFa hot cable different' all of the content, believe that finish see this article, you also to single cable of thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity cable must have new idea. Original text: double DaoFa heating cable and the difference between single DaoFa heating cable
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