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Dongguan city electric wire electric cable profession association invites various cable enterprise dongguan membership

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Dongguan invite dongguan each cable wire and cable industry association membership darkis P into the enterprises to be to invite letter to related units: in order to promote the dongguan prosperity and healthy development of wire and cable industry, establish effective communication platform for the government and enterprises better service for the cable companies, established upon the approval of the dongguan city civil affairs bureau agreed to prepare 'dongguan wire and cable industry association'. Now officially for member recruitment, recruitment object is registered in guan, good performance, integrity, law-abiding domestic, Taiwan, Hong Kong and foreign ownership cables and related supporting enterprises. Association's purpose is: provide service for members, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of industry, the member and the common economic interests; Maintain the market order and fair competition, communication members and the relationship between the government, society, play its role to promote social and public interests. Industry association was set up after the integration of industry resources, entrusted by the government, the coordination of industry management, assist the government to make industry policy, research on industry development strategy and policies and regulations; Organization industry at home and abroad academic exchanges and the common technology research and development of the industry; To provide information consulting service; The lawful rights and interests maintenance enterprise and protested complaints; Recommend enterprises to participate in the brand and the famous trademark selection, provide exhibition promotion of cooperation and economic and trade negotiation consulting and other services. ( Refer to the specific business scope 'the draft articles of association of wire and cable industry association') In view of your company in the industry and the influence of the local and representative, we sincerely invite you to join this association, concerted action, and jointly promote the dongguan cable industry faster and better development. If you want to know more information about I'll, please visit WWW. iawc。 org。 Cn query, membership application form is available in dongguan government net 'notification notice' column or WWW. iawc。 org。 Cn to download. Please companies interested to join the industry association, please fill out the membership application form, and sent via E-mail or fax to the organizing. Contact person: liu tao ( ) Liang Yutong ( ) Fax: email: dgwca @. Com address: dongguan songshan lake science and technology industrial park industrial south road of dongguan city, dongguan city of quality supervision inspection center information building floor wire and cable industry association to constitute (date) (month) (year)
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