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Domestic wire and cable products market development situation

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Domestic wire and cable products market development survey BSCRM P at present, the industry has reached a considerable level, total and sustained high-speed development, associated with wire and cable machinery, electronics, information, communication, light industry and other industrial growth, promote the development of wire and cable industry in our country, thus promote the garden of the copper rod for electrical wire and cable enterprise demand, and the demand has been transformed from pure quantity growth to the pursuit of high quality. According to statistics, in 200, production of power cable has been put into km in China. Electric power industry during the '11th five-year plan', will be focusing on the power grid construction, power grid, with the total investment of more than 00 billion yuan ( According to statistics, every one hundred million yuan power grid investment demand for copper is about 300 tons) , this will be for wire and cable industry has brought the opportunity of further development. In the next few years, China's wire and cable industry will develop to 7-8% growth. ( 1) Dosage of overhead lines by 200 ~ ten thousand tons. The northern, central, southern provinces networking and gradually achieve nationwide, the application of ultra-high voltage, large capacity overhead lines ( Northwest 750 kv line, the rest of 500 kv lines) The overhead lines during the period of '11th five-year plan will have a 10% year-on-year growth. ( 2) Medium voltage 10 ~ 35 kv cable will with 8-10% quarter-on-quarter growth. Big cities adopts double loop network power supply and the downtown area of underground cable rate increase would greatly increase the medium voltage cable to use. At present most of the city planning department emphasizes the urban underground cable power supply, some cities have already put this request on local laws and regulations. The current national average urban underground cable change rate of only 10%, and the cities targets were determined in 50 ~ 80%, it brings to the medium voltage power distribution cable bigger opportunities. ( 3) Construction industry in the 21st century to become one of the pillar industries in our country, it will give building wire and other electrical equipment opportunities brought by the cables. In recent years, China's real estate industry rapidly, besides homes, office building number also have bigger growth. The construction of intelligent residential demand and various professional network, wire and cable to bring huge market. Output is expected to 3 ~ 5 years building cabling will be more than 15% in the wire and cable industry. ( 4) Automobile industry will become the new economic growth point in our country, it will bring rapid development to automotive cable and enameled wire. 2006 automobile industry accounts for that year as a percentage of gross domestic product has reached 1. %。 Automobile and motorcycle industry corresponding to two main categories: enameled wire thread with cars. Auto enameled wire, car sales soar with lines, in 2006, domestic car line needs more than 300000 km, in the next few years, about 10% will continue its demand will grow. ( 5) Technical equipment level of China's major railway, for electric locomotives copper alloy contact wire, rolling stock thread, such as winding line provides a market. 5 gigawatts (gw) and the corresponding 220 kv substation equipment and wiring. 30000 tons of contact wires. Combined with the corresponding upgrade and maintenance, car takes about 9 ~ 100000 km rolling stock line. ( 6) Wire and cable for nuclear power station has the certain demand. Predicts 2010, nuclear power capacity will achieve 20 million kilowatts, and by 2020 nuclear power will reach 40 million kilowatts, then installed gross capacity accounted for about 5%. Currently second phase, three phase, mount tai ling ao nuclear power plant project, lianyungang nuclear power station construction is progressing, shandong, fujian, jiangxi, hunan and other provinces are actively planning to build nuclear power stations. On average every 100 million yuan output value of 1 million mw nuclear power plant brings new nuclear power station with wire and cable products needs. ( 7) The development of the shipbuilding industry will bring vitality to Marine cable, at the same time will accelerate the upgrading of Marine cable. Thousands of km or so. ( 8) Industrial development will increase the dosage of motor products and home appliances industry upgrade, the motor insulation class from class B to F upgrading transformation will speed up enameled wire, the steady development of the market prompted winding. 60000 tons, China is about ten thousand tons. The winding line the total amount of more than 00000 tons, is expected to be increasing at the rate of ~ %. ( 9) The development of the city will lead to the development of urban rail transit, will lead to the application of various kinds of flame retardant cable. Tunnel and subway station lighting electricity cable is also a major bright spot. According to market forecast, at present, China's wire and cable industry with copper quantity growth of about 7 to 8% growth each year, is expected to 2010 round copper rods of demand for 350 ~ 3. 6 million tons, the market will have a shortfall of 600000 tons.
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