Domestic wire and cable market demand development trend in the future

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Domestic wire and cable market development trend of future demand is a useful P, special aerial have special requirements of special aerial can production in our country, but in high heat resistance, high corrosion resistance, creep resistance, softness, high conductive and other technical performance also has the very big disparity compared with foreign advanced level. And like a split type overhead lines, the corrosion resistant, vibration control, ice prevention, low corona loss, low arc halo loss, low arc, times the capacity such as the gap on the technical performance indicators. In order to meet the needs of the three gorges and other major projects, special overhead lines need to be on the varieties of products, product performance to develop and improve. Two wire and cable, nuclear power station nuclear cable distribution in nuclear station, ci and BOP, each part is used for power transmission, control, computer, instrument, etc. , the types of cables needed for a nuclear station basic same as coal. But as the nuclear power plant cable, low smoke, low toxicity and other technical performance requirements is very strict, our country at present only can produce wire and cable manufacturing nuclear periphery, the rest is mostly rely on imports. According to the national energy development 'twelfth five-year' plan, 'the emerging energy industry development planning', if you want to in the years to complete the goal of petrochemical energy ratio of %, nuclear power scale achieve million kilowatt above, at least in China and the current domestic nuclear power installed capacity only kilowatts, have at times higher growth space in the future. So the nuclear power station with cable has good market prospects. Three, low smoke low halogen, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant wire and cable, the product is mainly used in subway, tunnel, oil platform, shipbuilding, power station and some other important places, the relevant industry during the 'twelfth five-year' in a state of high speed development stage, such as domestic subway construction and perfect, the railway network of the comprehensive construction ( Including high-speed network) , this will further stimulate the related high performance and environmentally friendly low smoke low halogen and low smoke zero halogen cable products demand. Four, automotive wiring 'twelfth five-year' period, our country automobile industry will maintain sustained and rapid development. Years, the annual output reaches all cars, more during the period of '11th five-year plan' million cars, expected growth of %, so the demand for automotive wiring will also greatly small growth. The product in the future is the development trend of high temperature resistant, high damping, thin wall type and block type automotive wiring. Five, high flame retardant wire and cable at present, A large number of domestic production of flame retardant cable more levels to C, B, A grade high flame retardant category is still in its development, it has to do with the current our country also has the very big disparity of many high quality requirements of the project, during the '12th five-year' development direction is to achieve A level of flame retardant in various cable to satisfy various requirements of the application of the high flame retardant performance occasion. Six, intelligent building with wide band, local network cable ( Class A, class and class digital network communication wire and cable) The product transfer concurrently at the same time telephone, fax, video phone, anti-theft alarm and other signal function, also known as data cable. The products in the United States has more than % of all insulated cables. At home with the intelligent building, computer the rapid development of industrialization and information highway project, the need for the cable will be growing. The current transmission rate has reached MHz (of the cable That is, class cable) , during the 'twelfth five-year' is expected to reach MHz transmission frequency, can meet the 'three nets') The need for transmission medium.
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