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Domestic wire and cable industry also mushroom! Blue thin! the

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Domestic wire and cable industry also mushroom! Blue thin! The cool w P in recent years, as the real estate, China's economic growth is to calm down, do the building materials industry friends are obviously feel the business is not good in recent years, project funds collection difficult. So as the world's second largest economy China why not that suddenly, with recent fire up the network language to explain. Every year there is a very image of the network language, the circle of friends, the weibo is not cold, very easy to suffer from anxiety, in this era because read don't understand ah do not understand, this not overnight, in the circle of friends is the network Mars Wen Ba screen. Blue thin! Xianggu mushroom! You know what that means? Originally a nanning brother brokenhearted empress recorded video on little brother because his girlfriend broke up with him he is very thin blue! Xianggu mushroom! Numerous net friend also said empathy, there is always a scenario for mushroom blue thin, so, your body in the cable industry? As the second largest manufacturing industry in our country, in the face of some of the problems faced in the development of now, your mushrooms, blue thin? Below to talk about what are the problems for you brew brewing mood, decline in the overall economic benefits of blue thin! Five-year advocate business wu income average annual growth %; The average annual profit growth %. The 11th five-year plan points than for % and %; A sharp drop in profit growth. New growth point, less revenue decline, cost growth fast, incremental profits shrink, digestive cost ZengZhi space more and more narrow, stretch more and more small, the late 12th the downward trend in all the indexes showed benefits: the situation is more serious. Second, the regional structural: growth in the Midwest, the east of reducing in recent years, the central and western regions cable manufacturing growth significantly higher than the eastern region; Sales value scale increase obviously in central China, in particular, has (%, export delivery value (%); The higher than medium respectively. And a percentage points; Related economic indicators are better than the east and west. Middle East sales output value accounted for by the 11th five-year plan down to the current % %, export delivery value accounted for by reduced to % %, reduce a and a percentage points respectively. Preliminary statistics, in the first half of industry sales is expected to grow. % %, wire and cable export decline than the same period last year, while fiber optic cable growth %. Three level, industry structure, polarization significantly large enterprise transformation. By manufacturing transformation to the integration with suppliers and service providers; Transformation from domestic market to the domestic and overseas markets. In particular, listed companies with strong financing ability, operating income, economic efficiency, scale expansion and industrial chain extension development rapidly. Differentiation of medium-sized enterprises. Adjust product structure, to specialization, refinement; Wedded to the large enterprises, mergers and acquisitions or joint; Close ZhuanTing, eliminate capacity. Small business division. Adjusted, a single product specialization, form a complete set to change; Joint, entrusted processing and service; Bankruptcy, ZhuanTing. The foreign capital enterprise exit. Four, industry technical level: the overall is still in the global industrial chain and mid-range on the one hand, on the technical ability compared with the developed countries and regions such as America and Japan's, and about the gap year, including basic research, the main raw materials, production equipment, manufacturing technology, production management, labor quality, industrial chain, standardization, and engineering application technology, etc. On the other hand, our country is still in the stage of development, and regional economic and social development is very uneven, there are still a lot of effective demand for low-end products. These realities demand also provides actual market for low-end products manufacturing. In some high-end cable products and technology, our country has entered the international advanced level, such as: high voltage dc cable, submarine cable, special overhead transmission line, fiber optic cable, data cable, etc. Five, the enterprise level: structural polarized obviously in recent years, the industry enterprise polarized has become increasingly serious. The rapid development of the cable industry in China in recent years. Production scale rapid expansion, according to different development background and resources of all kinds enterprise, have been varying degrees or the scale of development, but in recent years, the external political environment, economic environment, market environment and internal management ability, market management, technological progress, production status, under the influence of many factors, such as some represented by operating the good listed companies of large enterprises are rapidly rising, and some low quality management and technical capacity and operation of cable companies are also gradually decline, decline or decay. Overall, the macroeconomic farewell high-speed growth, entering the growth phase shift, the economic transformation of slower growth, digestive early policy implications and brings the investment growth to slow the effects of excess production capacity, market demand under the situation of weakening, affected by the larger cable industry. Although in recent years, China's cable industry continue to maintain the overall growth trend, but the growth rate has declined obviously, from the double-digit growth rates have started to slide into single-digit growth range. Operating profit dropped significantly, in particular, to the enterprise management, especially the mini, small and medium-sized enterprises has brought considerable pressure to survive. On the surface this year business has become more and more difficult, in fact, is the industry is becoming more and more professional, more and more keep improving. Seems to be in the reshuffle, actually wash, eliminated not also owe money, no credit, about, not feet on the ground. Left is a batch of adhere to quality, true talent, steadfast real things. Business brand so, so, from all walks of life. Impetuous society, more should be settled down to slow pace! The real crisis is not the financial crisis, but the crisis of moral and trust! 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