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【 Domestic DianLanYe calls for strengthening the regulation 】 ‖‖‖‖‖‖

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] 【 Domestic DianLanYe calls for strengthening the regulation 】 Lots lots lots lots lots lots xiaoye P at present domestic wires DianLanYe although has the outstanding performance of, or even in the global status has been improved, but the standardization of the industry is far insufficient, technical is not high, so desperately needs to strengthen supervision. Domestic wire and cable industry development speed is faster, and DianLanYe everywhere constantly raise the level of production, but compared with foreign counterparts are still emerging, low technical level, product structure is unreasonable, the independent innovation ability is not strong, overproduction, low-standard products with high technical content, high value-added products production ratio is low, the industrial chain is still not perfect. , called on the industry should strengthen supervision and standardizing the development of wire and cable industry. According to statistics, China's cable production enterprise has reached home, but a cable enterprise is not much, is more of a small business, production of wire and cable industry concentration is low, the largest enterprise of the market share but also in the % ~. %。 At present, the domestic wire and cable market management is very chaotic, has an unwritten rule in the community, even if some from normal manufacturer of high quality cable, the middlemen will become '3 without' product. It is reported that guangdong province nearly as wire and cable products unqualified; The wire and cable products of hunan province sampling qualified rate is less than sixty percent, the Shanghai electric wire electric cable percent of pass is only. %, wire and cable entrepreneurs selectiving examination percent of pass is in shaanxi province, China. . Although in recent years the government has taken many measures to strengthen the administration of the wire DianLanYe still inferior quality of the products on the market, so can only be called for various enterprises above the quality standard of the product can be strictly in accordance with national standards, ensure that there is a more normative market environment. More information please click to view: HTTP / / WWW. bjcmdl。 cn/new。 asp吗? id=
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