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Domain network cable in the analysis of the abnormal attenuation

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Domain network cable in the analysis of attenuation sanewcable P anomaly signal transmission, the signal attenuation is already on, however, the signal strength in the lower. The cause of this problem has a lot of, mainly circuit connection is bad or the cable is too long. The table below is cable length of specific technical specifications. This is the maximum length of various kinds of connection standard. Remember these standards, if your cable connection does not exceed the standard, you still have problem of signal attenuation, you'll have to check the cable itself. Any unnatural bending or inappropriate terminal can cause the problem of signal attenuation. 。 Ethernet cable group company. Technical specifications cable type maximum length. BaseT unshielded twisted pair m. The Base fine coaxial cable of the meters. Base thick coaxial cable of the meters. BaseF fiber m. BaseT unshielded twisted pair m. BaseTX unshielded twisted pair m. For unshielded twisted pair, the crosstalk will surely lead to serious problems as well as the signal attenuation. When the isolation between the two signals, or low barrier when in two pair cable signal interference, hence the crosstalk. When the same cable used in a variety of connection will appear when crosstalk. Standards organizations to this phenomenon is called a short circuit. In the CAT and the CAT e cable, the terminal tend to have four pair of lines. For some connection, I've seen a data connection using only two pair of lines. The other two pair line for other data connection. This kind of connection methods really had a problem. When signal transmission on these lines, when the signal met another line on the noise signal, can appear the crosstalk. If the cable laying correctly, crosstalk and abnormal signal attenuation would not have happened. 。 The right connection methods and attention to details, high transmission frequency should not have a problem. Only the poor quality of attachment and facilities in need of high transmission rate. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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