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Do you know the protection measures of wires and cables?

by:AAA     2021-03-19
There are many types of wires and cables, and various wires on the market are uneven. The quality of their quality directly affects the quality of the project and the safety of consumers' lives and properties. When purchasing wires and cables, you must understand the relevant conditions in detail, at least how to choose and distinguish whether the cables are good or not. Of course, the protection and storage methods of the wires are also essential. The details are as follows:
1. If you want to store the cable for a long time, you must avoid contact with acids, alkalis, and mineral oils.
2. It is strictly forbidden to exist with harmful cables (tinned copper wire or bare copper wire) gas in the warehouse where wires and cables are stored
3. Cable storage should be regular, according to specifications and time of appearance, to facilitate cables' safekeeping. The line should be used within one and a half years from the time it leaves the factory. If it cannot be completed, it must not be stored for more than two years.
4. Because the cables are squeezed to a certain extent due to the long time in the storage process and the hardness of the protective cover will have a specific impact on the cables, they should be rolled regularly during the storage process (once every month in summer can postpone other seasons as appropriate). During the rolling process, to avoid damp, the storage tray should be placed down and turned upwards. After rolling, it is necessary to check whether the wires are intact or not.
5. The transportation of wires is also the key to the storage and protection of cables. It is strictly forbidden to throw the cable reel from a high place during transport, which may cause the insulation and sheath to crack.
6. It is strictly forbidden to lay the cable flat during storage; otherwise, the insulation layer or protective cover will be worn to a certain extent. It is conceivable that the damage of the bare-stranded wire will be more serious. And if the cables are laid flat and the arrangement is chaotic, it will inevitably affect the quality of the lines to a certain extent.
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