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Discuss the requirements of environmental protection of PVC wire and cable

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Discuss the environmental requirements of the PVC wire and cable SXXLJT P developed countries prohibit the use of environmental protection cable, also attaches great importance to this field in our country. Important building China's relevant laws and regulations legally obliged to ban the use of PVC wire and cable, must use low smoke zero halogen crosslinked PVC wire and cable, in order to avoid a lot of smoke when the fire broke out, chlorine gas, causing casualties. Environmental protection cable will powerful driving the development of the cable industry, promoted the cable manufacturer & #; Competitiveness and in green practices and innovation, make the cable industry on the sustainable development path more walk more steadily. In recent years, our cable enterprises gradually to environmental protection, such as cable, low smoke zero halogen type cable direction, as far as possible do not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, does not contain bromine flame retardants, does not produce harmful halogen gas, do not produce corrosive gas, burning less calorific value, do not pollute the soil, and so on, environmental protection cable will be more favored by the market, are more likely to get big orders in the power grid companies bidding. The user requirement for environmental protection wires and cables, sums up the following:. For lead and heavy metal content is low as is known to all, lead, and some heavy metal will cause adverse effect to human body health, and in PVC formulations, usually need to be mixed with compound heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, barium additive. But, since the last century s, some developed countries, and a large electrical company successively formulated laws and regulations, in the PVC wire and cable used, there are eight kinds of heavy metal content shall not be greater than the rule. The new rules is to bring new business opportunities, wire and cable manufacturers and bring serious challenges of PVC cable manufacturer. 。 Require the low smoke and low oxidation hydrogen good flame retardant performance is a very obvious advantages of PVC wire and cable, however, when ordinary flame retardant PVC cable burst into flames, releases thick black smoke and a lot of HCI gas, resulting in a fire after the 'secondary disasters, serious impact on personnel evacuation and fire rescue work. So, at the same time of flame retardant requirements for wire and cable, used in some occasions and will further put forward 'low smoke' and 'low HCI' requirements. 。 Require low toxicity or non-toxic for some may come into contact with food and blood products of home appliances, electric toys, medical appliances and children using cables, in addition to the required lead and heavy metals, also requires a non-toxic ( Or low toxicity) 。 That is to say, in PVC material ingredients used in recipes are should be nontoxic. Cable material contains a large amount of plasticizer, but manufacturing non-toxic material must choose non-toxic plasticizer. Therefore, this kind of PVC material requirement is higher than lead and heavy metal material, price nature also more expensive. 。 Other banned substances used at present, the eu is in the laws and regulations, has carried on the limits to the following items, to ensure that the cable can compound environmental requirements. For example:) Asbestos; ) Much by biphenyl and ethers, bromine phenol; ) Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS); ) Short chain ( C ~ C) Chlorinated paraffin. With more attention paid to the environmental problems, many countries have developed all sorts of environmental policies, so people tend to use more green environmental protection cable. Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable material is one of the more popular environmental protection cable. Although our market is a growing demand for green environmental protection cable, but compared with developed countries, our country in the related policy and mandatory application still has a long way to go, our country should improve the environmental protection standard of cable as soon as possible.
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