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Decision of the State Council in accordance with the law 'of xi 'an subway strict accountability 'cable' event

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Decision of the State Council in accordance with the law, '' cable 'incident of xi 'an subway hellopiao P has strict accountability, decision of the State Council in accordance with the law' events in xi 'an subway' cable 'strict accountability, to further strengthen the whole process of the whole chain comprehensive regulation, to ensure the quality and safety. Xi 'an metro 'problem cable' Revelations, the relevant departments of the State Council of joint investigation carried out the investigation and handling. As, the incident is a serious illegal cases, enterprises producing products is collusion between the relevant units and personnel inside and outside, the purchase and use of false and inferior product illegal cases, is also related to local government functional departments lax supervision, poor takes office, part of the party member the leading cadre in violation of the clean discipline, malfeasance, violations of the case. As a serious discipline, maintain the public interest, the State Council decided to: one is obliged to the State Council of the people's government of shaanxi province to make profound written examination, the State Council bulletin criticism. Second, in accordance with the law by shaanxi province to illegal production QiYeMing suspects involved arrests, 'accountability process in accordance with the relevant local departments responsible, including a hall, the place class. In addition, the state's shan company name involved initiate an investigation. At the same time, relevant departments and local transfer problem leads to shaanxi province thorough check, 'dealt with in accordance with the law. Three is revoked according to regulation by shaanxi province in accordance with the law of the illegal production enterprises involved in all certificates, the identification of famous trademarks and revoke the business license and industrial products production license. Four is the comprehensive thorough screening involves engineering projects, complete 'problem cable' all removable as soon as possible. Across the country to carry out the rectification of cable products, trying to identify and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazard in the process of production, promote the quality of the product promotion. 5 it is sharply higher quality illegal cost affecting the people's life safety. Profound lessons, to the people's highly responsible attitude, to further strengthen the comprehensive quality control. To crack down on counterfeit goods, such as unfair competition behavior, resolutely put serious illegal enterprises out of the market in accordance with the law, investigate inaction, as law enforcement and injustice, resolutely punishing corruption, to violate the interests of the violations 'zero tolerance'. Improve the system of bidding equipment and material procurement. Strengthen the enterprise's main body responsibility and government regulatory responsibility, strict with each link, at all levels, ensure the quality and safety
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