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Dangerous goods export declaration knowledge - — Nine categories of dangerous goods

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Dangerous goods export declaration knowledge - — Nine categories of dangerous goods cvjlka P wants to do dangerous goods declaration, need everybody to master the knowledge very much, and the most basic is the customs declaration process, belonging to a category of dangerous goods, etc. Next, we will first understand the knowledge of nine categories of dangerous goods. Customs clearance knowledge: explosives is under the effect of the outside world, Such as heating, impact, etc. ) , severe chemical reactions can occur, instantaneous produces large amounts of gas and heat, the surrounding pressure rapid rise, explosion, mainly in the export goods such as fireworks, firecrackers. When operating in collector explosives need to check the test report and approval certificate. Customs clearance knowledge: gas including flammable gas ( For example, butane, propane, lighter) , nonflammable, nontoxic gas ( For example: carbon dioxide, neon, fire extinguishers, liquefied gas at low temperature) , toxic gas. And aerosol or aerosol spray. Atomizer is not made of metal, glass or plastic filling container again. These containers containing compressed and liquefied or pressurized dissolved gas, can make its inclusion in solid or liquid particles. It is important to note that most of the toxic gas flying ban, only a few exceptions, such as: low toxicity of aerosols, tear device. Customs clearance knowledge: liquid including flammable liquid ( For example: some paint, varnish, alcohol, adhesives, acetone, petrol) And viscous material ( For example: paint, varnish, raw lacquer, adhesives, polish) ; Customs clearance knowledge: dangerous goods including flammable solid, solid material and spontaneous combustion of water release of flammable gas solid material. Customs clearance knowledge: oxidants such as chloric acid calcium, potassium permanganate, bleach, and can be quickly flame ignition and combustion of organic peroxides. Customs knowledge: poison product such as arsenic, nicotine, oxide, pesticides and infectious substances ( For example: viruses, bacteria, virus in saliva, medical waste) 。 Customs clearance knowledge: radioactive substances of radium, natural materials such as uranium, noctilucent powder, FaGuangJi, and according to the size of radioactive level radioactive substances, secondary radioactive substances, radioactive substances. Customs clearance knowledge: miscellaneous dangerous goods is in the air transport will produce risk, but not included in the first class, may produce narcotic, irritating, or other properties and make the passengers feel worry or discomfort items ( Such as: asbestos, garlic oil, lifeboat, internal combustion engine, vehicle, electric wheelchair, aviation life-saving equipment) ; 2 it is full of flammable gas or liquid may release small amounts of yi gas items ( For example: PVC granules, goods polymer materials) ; Three is a solid carbon dioxide ( Such as dry ice, frozen vegetables, ice boxes, ice cream) ; Four magnetic materials ( Such as magnetron, unscreened permanent magnets, neodymium iron 錋) 。 Finally, there is kind of dangerous goods like sulfuric acid kind of corrosive substances. All of these items in the customs declaration need to issue a certificate of special material, and also take more safety transportation. So, before the dangerous goods declaration, everyone except to understand relevant knowledge of customs, but also for transportation security guard against oh. Shipping LCL freight HTTP / / WWW. yunquna。 com/hpsclcl. HTMLHS code query HTTP / / WWW. yunquna。 com/wlgj/codequery。 html
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