Dalian panasonic and liao no 2 _ of a lithium ion battery of electric wire and cable information _ cable network

by:AAA     2020-12-14
Panasonic and dalian electric lithium ion battery company built liao is no electrical

' Cable network - 】 According to the report, by the Japanese panasonic and dalian liao no two appliances to form a new joint venture has been established, the purpose is to make electric cars in China lithium ion batteries.

the new joint venture will use the professional technical knowledge and dalian panasonic liao no two appliances for the local resources. After winning the dalian local government support, the new company will start production in 2017.

considering the panasonic are still a lot of investment, is located in Nevada, tesla lithium-ion battery super factory, and many other similar investment, the clear panasonic focus on lithium ion batteries. Panasonic expected goal is 2019 automobile industry related technical sales of 2. 1 trillion RMB, including outside of the lithium ion battery technology.

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