Creating huge large-scale airport construction cable market

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Large-scale airport construction has huge market BSCRM P has huge large-scale airport construction cable market, according to the National Development and Reform Commission, the China airport construction investment over the next five years to reach one hundred million yuan, the new airport. Huge construction scale of the airport, for wire and cable industry has brought a huge market, ordinary wire and cable, special cable, especially the airport lighting cable manufacturers, will obtain good economic benefits. Years will be a new airport in mainland China. Deputy director general of the Civil Aviation Administration of China planning and development department of ShaHongJiang recently held in shenyang 'first BBS air transportation and regional economy development, on to the end, the Chinese mainland airports will be increased from the end of the year to set up a total. ShaHongJiang said, 'the 11th five-year' during that year, China's airport distribution and construction of the guiding ideology is: implement the western development, northeast China, central rise and development of red tourism strategy, follow the basic law of market resources, according to the east, central, western encryption policy, further strengthening the construction of civil airport infrastructure. In the next five years will adhere to the combination of transformation, expansion and the new airport, expansion of large airports, improve the medium-sized airport, increase the small airport. Shanghai two big airport planning objectives. Shanghai airport group news conference, according to the plan, the hongqiao airport is ultimately built runway, terminals; Pudong airport runway, terminals. Hongqiao airport: finally built a close parallel runways, east and west are the two terminals of satellite hall. Pudong airport: eventually built parallel runways, and according to the concept of 'integrated terminal complex, built by the east, west, south of the terminals' U' glyph terminal complex, east of the construction area of about million square meters, construction area of west wing m2), it will also build satellite hall two connected east and west. Pudong airport airfield will be in accordance with the standard construction, F can guarantee A and other large aircraft take-off and landing. Southwest of six provinces will eight new airport. To perfect the civil airport layout, yunnan, sichuan, guangxi, Tibet, guizhou and chongqing southwest of six provinces will be the new regional airport: leshan, renhuai maotai, liupanshui barkam, red river, nujiang river, huize, Tian Yang, hechi. At present, the ongoing research project. To attract tourist source, convenient for business travelers, kunming airport will be construction as the national portal hub airport, chongqing, chengdu, guiyang, nanning, guilin airport is currently grasp reconstruction. And yibin airport, simao, due to the rapid rise, throughput is the relocation. Xishuangbanna, lijiang, Dali, shangri-la airport will also be expanded. Gansu province to the regional airport reconstruction. According to northwest civil aviation '11th five-year' plan, infrastructure construction is mainly strengthen development of regional air transport hub status, xian airport to support to build the second air transport hub in lanzhou airport, more than new feeder airports, to total number of northwest airport about. Among them in gansu province, the expansion of the main airport, expansion, a new feeder airports. Civil Aviation Administration of China said the '11th five-year' China will add a civil airport. Gao Hongfeng, deputy chief of the general administration of civil aviation of China, in order to adapt to the rapid development of civil aviation of China, China will strengthen the infrastructure construction, to add about a civil airport. Gao Hongfeng international aerospace peak BBS in China, said that according to the eastern, central to strengthen, the policy of western encryption and expansion of large airports, improve the medium-sized airport, increase the small airport, build reasonable layout, appropriate scale, complete functions, the coordinated development of the airport system. The years, the national civil reached around a transport airport, about a than net. Of a very large airport, large airport, a medium-sized airport, about a small airport. Yunnan airport will spend billion of engineering reconstruction and expansion. To meet the development needs, big airport in yunnan province will spend about $one hundred million for reconstruction or expansion. The six airports are respectively: the kunming wujiaba airport capacity of innovation, in xishuangbanna, lijiang, Dali, lum, shangri-la airport reconstruction.
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