Corning was named China's annual optical communication market the brand competitiveness

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Corning won the top 10 annual optical communication market the brand competitiveness in China wang P corning won the top 10 annual optical communication market the brand competitiveness in China Beijing, China corning corporation ( The New York stock exchange code: GLW) In China's development of optical communication and competitiveness on the BBS was rated as China's annual optical communication market one of the most top brand competitiveness. Other award winners include huawei, Shanghai bell, Ericsson, etc. These enterprises are leading China's rapid development of communication network infrastructure. Optical communication development and competitiveness in China BBS by optical communication commission, Asia Pacific institute of China communication optical communications commission and Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, designed to trigger the field of optical communication technology and the development of the market and the value orientation for dynamic analysis and discussion. Corning's BBS at the opening ceremony to accept the award, the prize for the corning brand competitiveness in the field of optical communication, and in the year to year in scale, growth, efficiency, business management and achievements on cultural elements such as a comparison. Corning communication ( Greater China) President jack ( Third left), Accept 'China's optical communication market the most top brand competitiveness of the year' award ', we are very honored to win this award 'corning communication ( Greater China) President jack ( 艾伦·Dowdell) Said, 'for more than 20 years, China's communication industry infrastructure development into more advanced on the basis of the optical fiber network, corning has played a positive and important role. Through continuous innovation and research and development, we continue to provide optical fiber, cable, hardware products and equipment, to meet the Chinese market demand for products and services is growing. '' now the way we live, work and sustain each other increasingly dependent on high data rate of the network. Optical communication is the only thing that has the ability to keep pace with the world the bandwidth requirements, 'corning communication ( Greater China) Business technology, vice President of Li Mao Dr Robin said, 'revolutionary super resistance to bending ClearCurve® corning latest invention; Optical fiber products, enables the corning to lead the development of Chinese communication network is more effective. 'Corning has incomparable history and leading in the field of optical communication products and services. Corning, invented the first optical fiber low loss in years, today it is still a leader in the global market, for all kinds of network equipment to provide a full range of single-mode and multimode optical fiber, cable, hardware and equipment. Corning is also the most widely used brand in the world, years to develop more new products, is the inventor of the vapor deposition method, has the world's largest optical fiber production base and the first optical fiber testing center. As today in China's development of optical communication and competitiveness recognition by the award by BBS, corning has always maintained unmatched as industry leading companies worldwide industry competitiveness. About corning corning corporation ( www。 康宁。 com) World leader is a special glass and ceramics. With many years of knowledge in the field of material science and process technique, corning created and produced a number of key components, these components are used in high-tech consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. Our products include used for LCD TV, computer monitors and laptop glass; For mobile emission control system of the ceramic carrier and filter; Used in telecom network of optical fiber, optical cable, as well as hardware and equipment; Used in drug development of optical biosensor; And used in other industries, such as semiconductor, aerospace, defense, astronomy and metrology of advanced optics and special material solutions.
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