Copper price shocks in copper alternative cable

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Copper price shocks in copper alternative cable sanewcable P since years, the important raw materials of copper wire DianLanYe price volatility. From the previous ten thousand yuan per ton has been rushed to the front of the financial crisis of ten thousand yuan per ton, then fell sharply. Since this year, with the global economic recovery, the copper recovered again. Especially influenced by the weak dollar, copper prices rose to a two-year high. In general, when copper prices higher, cable manufacturing enterprises, in consideration of cost will decrease with copper, switch to substitute for copper; When copper prices fell, the demand for copper substitutes will be reduced. Looked from the data of recent years, however, are made of copper substitutes copper alternative cable to always maintain a good sales. According to statistics, years, our country reduce copper consumption of copper alternative cable. Ten thousand tons, the data in The Times, is more than twice. Due to the momentum of development, some copper alternative cable production enterprise also enlarged the capacity. Copper price has always been a concern of mine cable industry association secretary general of the Shanghai Yuan Genfa thinks, at present already in the cable industry, quite a number of enterprises to adopt new mode of production, the development and production copper substitutes for the core material of cable products. With copper substitutes to replace the copper cable products, is becoming a trend. A cable manufacturing enterprises, said an official with the copper price a few years ago on the $ten thousand a tonne mark, and in a long time. Wandering around ten thousand yuan per ton, enterprise production almost untenable, which made him strengthened using copper alternatives to make the determination of the cable. Yuan Genfa remind enterprises at the same time, although the long-term copper cable promising alternative, but is not necessarily very quickly in the promotion of the market. Both copper and its substitutes, its future depends on the demand of the market, the buyer for copper substitutes, directly determines the future of this product. For now, it seems that the buyer has not been widely accepted alternative copper cable. Compared with alternatives, the application of copper in the cable industry has a long history, and the product performance is stable, whether in manufacturing electrical product or user side, for its very trustworthy. As a substitute for new things, to become the market mainstream is not an easy task. Production enterprises may need to spend more patience, and gradually promote copper alternative cable.
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