Copper cable to the power grid intelligent plays a decisive role

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Copper cable plays an decisive role in power grid intelligent SXXLJT P in this February 2nd day of the year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration has formally issued 'the electric power development' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning '( Years) 。 The 'planning' is particularly emphasized to develop the construction and development of smart grid, put forward to improve the intelligent level of job of power system, improve the power grid of acceptance and the ability of optimal allocation and so on the many kinds of energy, meet diversified interaction of supply and demand of users. In addition, according to the national grid of the total national grid intelligent planning report, according to the years national grid, intelligent power grid construction investment of one hundred million yuan, which, in the four years of power grid construction is expected investment is RMB one hundred million yuan. This means that in the construction of intelligent power grid during the 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in will also usher in a new development opportunity. After months of today let's talk about what a smart grid? Here to refer to it first a concept: intelligent power grid is also known as 'the power grid. ', a smart grid is based on integrated, high-speed bidirectional communication network foundation, through the use of advanced sensor technology, measurement technology, equipment and control method, and the application of decision support system, such as technology, implementation and reliable operation of power grid security, economic, efficient and environment friendly, its main features include self-healing, motivation and protect users also can resist attacks, provide meet the power quality of the user's demand and so on. Intelligent grid one of the main goal is to raise the function and effect of power grid, improve its economical efficiency, simple point is peak 'disappear', namely through the scheduling power generation side or side, the peak load period under partial load arrangement to low load period, the aim is to cut down the peak load of system, increasing the system low load, so as to raise the load rate, improve the economics of the smart grid big goals. This kind of economy with safety and reliability as a precondition. Because if the security and reliability are not pass, the pursuit of efficiency also will lose the foundation. As intelligent power grid, the basis of the physical quality of cable itself is the most basic guarantee of the whole system can run smoothly, at the same time, it is playing an increasingly important role. But in terms of to ensure the safe and reliable grid operation, copper cable already has the obvious advantage. On the one hand, equal cross section and the length of the copper and aluminum alloy cable compared, copper with more excellent conductivity ( About aluminum alloy. Times) , have a greater carrying capacity, this for the smart grid current can be safe and reliable transport established the first line of protection. On the other hand, compared with aluminum alloy cable, high temperature resistant performance of copper cable will be more strong. Copper melting temperature can reach ℃, and the aluminum alloy is just ℃, the fire-resistant cable used in high temperature environment requirements under the condition of ℃ ~ ℃ can still maintain the function of the electricity, it is clear that the copper cable can satisfy this requirement. Thus, copper cable for intelligent power grid safe and reliable operation and build another security. In addition, through the grid operating experience shows that, the % of power cable fault happens in the joint area. And more than copper alloy can effectively prevent the occurrence of such fault. Copper, even by the oxidation of the copper oxide generated by its is also very good conductors, still can have very good keep connectors and terminal electric connection performance. But once the connector or terminal parts of the aluminum oxidation, the generated alumina is the insulator can lead to joint or damage to the terminal part adding to the connector or terminal parts of a fever, after this vicious cycle also speed up the aging of the cable itself. Due to the smart grid will be more to the requirement of safety reliability is high, we use copper cable will undoubtedly is the most sensible choice. Copper cable at the same time also has excellent tensile, shrinkage, creep, and the ability of fracture, and its excellent flexibility, corrosion resistance and ductility, etc. , can satisfy the intelligent grid for long run stably and reliably in various climate environment, and it is also aluminum alloy cable force of place. Here recommend a factory production, manufacture of copper cable, it is called cable expert Shen Xing cable group them with outstanding product quality, excellent service attitude and user enterprise conviction. In recent years, has been a lot of peer and consumer's consistent high praise. In the future of the smart grid will be in other unique intelligent come into our lives, and will provide us with more excellent experience of grid service, intelligent and as the artery of the cable line - Copper cable will undoubtedly become the hot spot in the future, and led him to pave the way for better for the development of intelligent power grid.
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