Copper and aluminum prices, cable companies are also worried

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Copper and aluminum prices, cable companies also worry day Hao P cable industry has complained repeatedly copper aluminum prices, business is difficult, but recent copper aluminum prices have been falling, the cable companies are starting to worry about. Recently, the price of copper from a tonne. Dropped to ten thousand yuan. Ten thousand yuan, the price per ton. Dropped to ten thousand yuan. Ten thousand yuan, the usual retail purchases of the copper rod enterprise, of course, very happy, but those of electrolytic copper and copper rod hoarding enterprises, watch will be affected. Some cable companies to hoard tens of thousands of tons of copper, copper in order to rely on the rich, even if they don't produce wire and cable, life is good too. The cable factory is very afraid of the copper price, it's a big psychological contradictions. They hope is the main reason of the copper prices don't fall by high prices, and improve the production and sales. In recent years, annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan already everywhere, no longer rare, with annual sales of more than $one hundred million enterprises are also increasing. So, make whole the sharp rise in GDP figures, double wire and cable production did not actually exponentially, inflation is capital number. Good at fraud and wont fraud companies, always attribute the cost of excuses to copper prices. But, when copper prices fell, their ACTS of fraud and no convergence. They use inferior copper wire and cable products and product prices are still the benefits of rising prices, therefore, they are also afraid of copper prices fell. In the face of such a situation, no matter you belong to that a state of mind, should be treated properly, face up to reality, time to adjust their strategies and tactics. Made a fortune by copper enterprises, are going to expand production, update equipment, develop new products, eliminate the bubbles, truly, truly, make the enterprise to the next level, don't have to wind up prices. Enterprises by the danger of copper prices, must be good at to carry out the technological progress and technological innovation, improve product technology content, make use of copper is not very big, but the high value-added products, also can obtain better efficiency, no longer troubled for copper. Of fraud companies to establish the social morality, law-abiding business, right, no longer use copper opportunistic, filthy lucre.
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