Construction site temporary electricity need to pay attention to

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Construction site temporary electricity need to be aware of local sanewcable P construction site temporary electricity utilization of many common fault. One, the special protection of zero non-existing 'standard' regulation: 'in the neutral point grounding of electric power line dedicated to the construction site of TNS zero protection system' must be used. All electric equipment should be used with metal case for zero line ( PE line) Receiving zero protection. Therefore, power equipment with cable, lighting lamps and lanterns USES with metal shell core cable. For some relatively fixed electrical equipment ( Such as elevator, mixers, mortar machine, etc. ) Wiring compared commonly specification, but, for some increases with the increasing use of portable electrical equipment and a hand-held electric tools ( Such as tamping machine, vibrator, and cutting machine, impact drill, portable grinder, etc. ) , they use electricity lines are often hung up PE line. Not not connected to the PE terminal distribution box, power source side is not connected to the equipment enclosure equipment side. Why not pick up, they say soon used up, pick up to pick up the trouble. Second, leakage protection switch into decoration leakage protection switch is under the condition of leakage, electric shock accident in one thousand, can quickly cut off power supply, it plays the role to protect the safety of person and equipment. But because of the quality problem of the manufacturers, the use of personnel's operational problems or a construction site to environmental problems such as electricity, causing the leakage protection switch life often not up to the standard of the factory design, often appear problem is tripping failure, maintenance personnel if the inspection, the not trim, this change does not change, it is very dangerous. Encountered a leakage, electric shock will not trip leakage protection switch, the decoration that is worthy of the name 'vase', one thousand occurred leakage, electric shock, personal ( Equipment) The accident is inevitable. Three, a switch multiplex wiring regulations provisions 'just one brake a leak in a wooden case', a switch can control a power device. But distribution box of the construction site often appear under a switch by the phenomenon of multiple cables, hand-held electric tools 'machine' 'brake' phenomenon is particularly serious. Each front end switch electrical equipment is according to the rated capacity of the equipment ( The rated power) To choose. A 'machine' 'brake' ( 'A leakage') Main ills is: 'the machine' of the equipment operation, some downtime, for the protection of the equipment running 'brake' couldn't get them to play a short circuit and over current protection, impact protection effect; At the same time, a device caused by fault switch action, affect the normal operation of other equipment; In addition, for the protection of the equipment downtime 'brake' in the closed electric state, easy to cause downtime equipment misoperation, or maintenance personnel not to stop the equipment and lines for maintenance. Four, wire and cable 'standard' regulation: mop 'cable, main should be buried or overhead Ming set' forbidden along the ground, construction engineering construction power cable laying, can be built on stilts, buried ( Or wear tube) , but are not allowed to sweep the floor. In fact, the construction site cable trailing phenomenon is often can be seen everywhere, especially engineering in the decoration: paint the scene too dark, temporary lighting cable to mop the floor; Cutting metope digging trench cutter cable to mop the floor; Welded components, grounding, welding a cable to mop the floor; These cable to mop the floor, regardless of weathered, let people step on pressure, leakage, electric shock accidents have occurred. www。 sanewcable。 com
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