Construction of one-stop services to a third party testing won praise highly

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Construction of one-stop services to a third party testing for promoting pony P recently, the author has learned: pony spectrum test is in the experimental base to expand the electrical, auto parts and batteries for electronic product's safety, electromagnetic compatibility and international authentication service ability, aims to further meet the needs of customers, providing professional and high quality service. Then, PONY spectrum test was carried out which business expansion and what convenience and benefits to the customer? With this problem, the writer visited the famous third-party testing organizations. The author understands, PONY spectrum test for battery products further improved on the basis of the existing laboratory testing capabilities, and through and TUV, UL, PSE, KC, CQC certification bodies such as cooperation, expands the service category and scope. At present, PONY spectrum test can provide customers with the most perfect domestic battery safety certification testing services. The scope of its test coverage criteria are: IEC, IEC, IEC, IEC, IEC, IEC, IEC, IEC, UL, UL, GB, JIS, GB/T/T and other countries standards, and provide one-stop battery certification service, help customers to complete the CE, FCC, CB, PSE, UL, KC and CQC and other international certification. In electronic electrical products, PONY spectrum test to build the professional team of emc, safety, and international certification, to provide customers with one-stop solution. At the same time, PONY spectrum tests are also focused on technical services to provide, for the diverse needs of enterprises, to the enterprise reasonable testing, certification and consulting planning. In the field of auto parts of the electromagnetic compatibility test, PONY spectrum test, formed a professional services team, the emc has authority authorized by the international association of radio communication emc engineer, help customers to coordinate arrange test projects, and provide help customers analyze test requirements, choosing suitable standard services. I know, the spectrum test aims to provide customers with high quality testing services at the same time, also the most reasonable solution for the enterprise planning, assist enterprises to quickly open the door to the international market.
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