Congratulations to coil winding equipment exhibition in shenzhen was awarded in 2015 the Ministry of Commerce to guide support exhibition

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Congratulations shenzhen coil winding equipment exhibition won the annual direct support of commerce exhibition ex P congratulations shenzhen coil winding equipment exhibition won the annual commerce guide support to effectively play the key demonstration effect of the exhibition, the exhibition to promote healthy development of the exhibition industry, the Ministry of Commerce recently organized experts to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, cities under separate state planning, recommended by the competent commercial departments and industry exhibition has carried on the review, determine the solo exhibition will project as the year the Ministry of Commerce the guiding support for exhibition. Shenzhen international exhibition of coil winding equipment as key recommendation exhibition project this year, guangdong province, successfully passed the Ministry of Commerce expert group review, had become a trial project in only a small motor, magnetic materials, winding equipment for professional exhibition. In commerce related resources configuration and special support fund to support after the coil winding equipment exhibition in shenzhen and shenzhen international exhibition of small motors and magnetic material of the overall promotion of expansion and comprehensive quality will be improved greatly with the exhibition, the exhibition development entering a new stage. The exhibition ( 。 。 — , shenzhen convention and exhibition center) Will appear in a whole new look to the industry, will be more rich content, to watch more. A coil winding equipment exhibition, shenzhen to become the world's only one also won international exhibition organizers association ( UFI) Guide support certification and the Ministry of Commerce of industry exhibition. Second, further enhance the strength and depth of professional buyers to invite global promotion, the application of industry organization and the mainstream media show the key support, actively cooperate with the exhibition market propaganda and purchaser organization, such as: China business news, China industry news, xinhua, People's Daily, the phoenix nets, tencent, the yangcheng evening news, Hong Kong commercial daily, shenzhen commercial daily, foshan daily and other authoritative media. Third, the joint Beijing university of technology, set up the results exhibit the micro-motor development, building industry first 'micro &special motor museum', show motor development in the world in recent years, is expected to display various types of micro-motor. Feast for the exhibitors and visitors with unparalleled industry, promote the industry communication, collision to discover more business opportunities. Four, 'shenzhen international innovation and application of micro motor and magnetic materials technology BBS' and 'insulation materials, enameled wire, new technology, new product introduction meeting' and invited to the Chinese Academy of Sciences professor Yang Yingchang, Japan bonded magnetic materials association CEO, HIA harada for tree, southwest institute of applied magnetics, President of secretary general motors, in shaanxi province of rare earth permanent magnet motor and control system engineering technology center, deputy director of the Dr Locke illumination and leaders from many famous motor manufacturers. Five, 'micro &special motor application salon', the organization will invite home appliance, automotive, communications, electronics, automation application companies such as engineers, to share motor applications, procurement, quality control, energy efficiency in use of high purity dry goods. The salon will be gathered many industry elite, promotes the communication and collision to discover more business opportunities.
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