Concept: tires for electric power generation

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Concept: tires for electric power generation globledata P black ants cable network: the Goodyear tire and rubber company ( 固特异轮胎& 橡胶有限公司 ) In Geneva motor show a concept of tyre, and can be used to power for electric cars. Most mainstream limit range of electric cars within the mile, arrived at this value must be recharged. 。 / KV plastic insulated power cable Goodyear tire and rubber company, said the concept of 'BHO' tires can help the electric car battery recharging, through the heat from rolling tires into electricity. 'The concept of tyre has redefined the tires may play a role in the future. 'Goodyear tire and rubber company senior vice director, chief technology officer Joe Zekoski said,' the company's vision is that our products can better combine with cars and the user experience, become greener and more universal. 'When the tire rolling generate heat. The material in the concept of 'BHO' tire collects the heat into electricity. As the electric car demand growth, the new technology has significant contribution to extend the range of electric cars. In addition, the Goodyear tire and rubber company also shows a internal three catheter of tires, can be achieved through an internal pump, which changes the driving characteristics of the tire. The 'three tube' tires can change with pressure, in view of the ecological security, pattern, or damp environment. Zekoski points out, although it is still at the concept stage, tire concept 'BHO' and 'three tube' tire show the Goodyear tire and rubber company one of the most important aspects of the innovation strategy. More information please pay attention to the HTTP / / WWW. globledata。 com
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