Compulsory power supply built pipeline census cable 'electronic records'

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Compulsory power supply built pipeline census cable heibaocjp P (date) (month) (year), the electronic file 'in zhejiang province yiwu city xiangshan road and the road intersection, yiwu city power supply company, Germany shipment inspection centre in class six Chen Fu orthodox led workers clean up the rubbish inside the cable CMC, and to draw the cable pipe hole in drawings, basic data as input to the computer. Since the end of year, yiwu city power supply company with kv thick city to become a pilot, start the kv cable pipeline census. The census work is kv high voltage cables and pipelines for a comprehensive 'examination', equivalent to yiwu city all the cable line according to the 'X-ray' at a time, a comprehensive combed the underground 'cerebral thrombosis,' for some cable pipe with little faults 'cure', make the operation personnel to the underground economy, this can greatly improve the efficiency of cable fault handling, improve power supply reliability. In recent years, with the advancement of urbanization yiwu, yiwu city each year the number of cables are increasing dramatically, how to effectively the underground 'power lifeblood' management, has been running the company maintenance personnel keep thinking of problem. According to statistics, as of the end of the year, yiwu city limits how much kilometers kv cable. Yiwu company cable operation maintenance class monitor of Lou said, because the cable is buried, need to use some special cable for detector to find all the cable, and now the team to carry out the digital cable census, using high-tech means such as GPS, sound detection, for the city's all KV cable cable work well, the power equipment has carried on the localization and fully touch check, can effectively solve the underground cable maintenance 'touch' blind for a long time. , establish a cable in the cable pipe census database information, the PMS will eventually enter the company production system and geographic information system GIS, make it better for the cable production and service in the future. This screening, yiwu company also for the cable pit cover damaged, unknown cable work well after all the existing safety problems of rectification process, to improve the citizens in the city power supply reliability, ensure safe electricity provides a strong guarantee. Series of like a spider web and cable at the foot of a city travel, travel, build the 'blood' of the city, to ensure the vigor and vitality of the city. As a lifeline 'electricity' underground, cable pipeline once fault occurs, it may cause power crisis. In order to reduce the probability of crisis as soon as possible, at present, yiwu company operations staff to overcome the narrow underground space of CMC in damp, stale air smelled the stench of bad work environment, is to accelerate the process of the census, groups of people for every day work. Is expected to complete by the end of the city within the scope of all census of kv cable line equipment.
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