Classic years precipitate, build brand strength - Aerospace electrical cable

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Years precipitate the classics, build brand strength of aerospace electrical cable zhdljyw P aerospace electrical group co. , LTD. ( The original: aerospace electrical technology co. , LTD. , former name: wuhan cable group co. , LTD. ) After more than 50 years of wind and rain baptism, in the years to wuhan cable group co. , LTD. , as a platform, integrated cable enterprises in hubei region, established space electric group co. , LTD. Company set product research and development, production, operating as one, is a professional manufacturing, aluminum alloy wire, aluminum clad steel wire, low pressure in the cross-linking cables, special wire and cable and military cables of high-tech enterprises. Aerospace electrical China aerospace advantage civilian goods enterprises and domestic important production base of wire and cable industry. By years, annual tons of aluminum alloy conductor, tons of steel core aluminum stranded wire, tons of aluminum clad steel wire, low voltage cable in km, km special wire and cable. Is the largest production capacity and equipment optimal, the highest voltage level, the most complete specifications of the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises. How to run businesses, wuhan cable group leadership has a unique theory. First of all, on the basis of the 'science and technology is the first productive force', loudly 'talent is the first productive force' is put forward. With strict requirements for people and the evaluation of the results. The company attendance system and the responsibility to check the system is very strict, once been punish thousands of yuan case is not rare. Today, hubei space cable sold in mainland China, and exported to Russia, Vietnam, kazakhstan and other countries, won the 'gansu province government quality prize', 'China well-known trademark' honorary title. 'To beat its competitors on the market, wire and cable group in wuhan have multiple skills, a' fast 'is the most important words, that rivals could not imagine faster, but this high efficiency must be made by the parties to fulfill. 'For example, after receiving orders, hours to deliver to the production department. State-owned enterprises for half a month to complete, need only days in space. Out, negotiate the business, the meeting can not by plane the train and the bus, can return the day never drag on the second day. In under the guidance of this concept, the company quickly expanding development! Cable companies leading the central China area towards a more brilliant tomorrow.
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