Chinese uhv construction plans to invest 420. 2 billion yuan in 2015

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] In uhv construction in China plans to invest one hundred million yuan heibaocjp P Wire Show cable exhibition 】 State grid work conference pointed out that in recent years, this year plans to invest one hundred million yuan, mainly carry out uhv and network connectivity, year-on-year growth %, investment amount to an all-time high, uhv construction into the fast lane. Years, state grid corporation of grid investment amount reached one hundred million yuan, compared with the year growth of. %。 State grid in uhv construction than previously expected. Its approved this year it plans to start construction 'six in eight straight' total route, far above last year's 'six in four straight' plan. Specific plan, approved in the first quarter starts stake in tianjin south, slippery horizontal weifang communication and jiuquan hunan dc 'two exchange have been' engineering; In the second quarter of the approved project starts' three straight, for XiMeng temple, Shanxi Province, jiangsu, Shanghai, jiangsu province of shandong. In the second half of the plan approved project starts' four hand in four straight. In addition, the state grid is planned to be completed before the end of the 'one in four straight uhv project feasibility study. State grid, said the dc back to back to speed up the southwest power grid and central China power grid interconnection project, and key projects of kv, kv and uhv auxiliary projects approved schedule, and carry out international uhv dc prophase work. Analysis, with the development of uhv construction into the fast lane, uhv demand related cables will usher in rapid growth in the future. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC)
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