Chinese energy companies into the Australian market will be more convenient

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Chinese energy companies to enter the Australian market will be more convenient globledata P black ants cable network: comprehensive RMB internationalization greatly speed up the pace, with the domestic energy enterprise technological progress advantage, talent reserves, production capacity, as well as other factors, such as 'region' construction, China's energy enterprises go global era has arrived. Month, bank of China, the launch the clearing bank for RMB business in Sydney, Australia, the internationalisation of the renminbi make substantive progress in the south Pacific region, marks the Chinese energy companies into the Australian coal, natural gas, nuclear power market will be more convenient. Fixed wiring cable for a long time in the past, international energy cooperation in energy accumulation region to the relative lack of energy and demand supply mode, resource advantage obvious region in international energy cooperation has a great voice, such as Opec. However, as the global economy society and the progress of energy technologies, energy demand, talent, technology, advanced equipment and the degree of currency internationalization is becoming an important factor about energy cooperation. After decades of rapid economic and social development, our country has made important breakthroughs in the above respects. 'Going out' has become China's new energy enterprises more competitive, one of the important means of shift operation mode, there are more and more China's energy enterprises successfully by means of joint venture with overseas companies to 'go out'. National Energy Administration Liang Zhipeng chief priests believed that China's energy engineering technology and equipment have been internationally recognized, it will provide valuable experience for enterprises 'going out', in addition, new energy sources such as wind power, solar power in the international market expand rapidly, this also is a very good opportunity for development. With the current good examples and the improvement of the basic factors, combined with the acceleration of the internationalisation of the renminbi, as well as the implementation of the 'area' strategy, we are looking forward to more international energy cooperation projects in the form of Chinese energy companies. More information please pay attention to the HTTP / / WWW. globledata。 com Normal . 磅假假假金星ZHCN XNONE & lt; 样式表> / *样式定义* /。 msonormaltable { Msostylename ordinary form; msotstylerowbandsize; msotstylecolbandsize; msostylenoshowyes; msostylepriority; msostyleparent”; msopaddingaltcm。 pt cm . pt; msoparamargincm; msoparamarginbottom。 pt; msopaginationwidoworphan; 字形大小。 pt; fontfamily与新罗马字体,衬线; } < /风格>
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