Chinese electric power enterprises 'go out' to be 'Chinese standard'

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Chinese electric power enterprises 'go out' to be 'Chinese standard' leading globledata P in recent years, China's nuclear power technology, wind power, photovoltaic equipment, transmission and distribution equipment in the process of 'going out', frequently encountering standard, namely 'the Chinese standard' failed to become an international standard, lead to many projects 'doom'. In the early years during the two sessions, the National People's Congress, change especially electrician hengyang transformer co. , LTD. , general manager of yan's submitted 'about China encourages enterprises to adopt standard suggestion of' going out ''. Kind of yan people pointed out that Chinese enterprises in the output in the 'China standard' has gone through many difficulties, touching on industry standards, our country enterprise in the process of export has been in a passive accept the situation, particularly in the field of electric power, construction, textile, chemical raw materials, electronic components industries, Western Europe and the United States alliance standard blockade and resist exist, questioning of the developed countries and not accepted. Once the eu or the us and even change some standard, will affect the prospects of the survival of the industry as a whole. Kind of yan people pointed out that adopting the standards of other countries, means go out of Chinese enterprises is extremely products and equipment through the relevant national certification. Because we cannot adopt standard implementation go out of China, China's enterprises is faced with many disadvantages in the international competition. Increased costs due to use of foreign standards, Chinese enterprises must perform in the project implementation process in strict accordance with the foreign standards, will inevitably involve changes to the design, production process, quality assurance system, equipment, molds, and a series of standard, lead to enterprise in Chinese standard has not use mature technology and experience, the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and high cost performance can't play. Lower price in a foreign country, under the standard of competition can give full play to its own existing resources, continuous compression, to reduce the cost, cause the loss of Chinese enterprises in the competition under the standard price advantage in China. The initiative is lost once adopted the standards of other countries, Chinese companies spend a lot of manpower, financial and material resources first to obtain certification, more is lost the initiative in the whole process. Therefore, Chinese enterprises especially China electric power, construction and other industry enterprises to 'go out' have to 'China standard'.
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