China will vigorously develop distributed new energy power generation in rural areas

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] China will vigorously develop distributed in rural areas of new energy power generation sanewcable P China electric power news released by review article embrace new rural power grids. The article points out that during the '12th five-year', distributed in our country new energy power generation in rural areas has a broad prospect. 'five-year' the start of the implementation, the State Council executive meeting decided that China will be completed during the '12th five-year' basic new rural power grid. Predictably, safe and reliable, energy conservation, environmental protection, advanced technology, management norms of the new rural power grid will be accompanied by a new round of construction boom gradually formed, power in the service to build a new socialist countryside there will be more as a journey. Strong power grid upgrade achievements. A new round of rural power grid upgrading and new in the high attention of the people's livelihood issues, new in let the people enjoy the achievement of economic and social development. To promote a new round of upgrade, the rural electric reform is to promote the site to improve the project, implementation of the electric work without electricity, for not all transformation of rural power grid renovation. Actively cooperate with home appliances to the countryside, improve the rural low-voltage distribution facilities, improve the quality of power supply. Continuously according to the load change, increase investment in power grid, backward equipment and lines, strong bones and muscles of the grid. After a new site to upgrade project, the relevant experts predict that during the '12th five-year', state grid company will gradually achieve hub for the center with 220 kv voltage class, 110 kv voltage class is given priority to network strong rural power grids. Energy conservation and environmental protection into advocate tone. A new site to upgrade a big increase in demand will encourage energy-saving transformer. A new round of retrofit for energy conservation and environmental protection and the requirement of advanced technology, will improve the entire upgrade process for grid technology content requirements, such as promote energy-saving efficiency, reduce the loss of reactive power distribution network, focus on the future of rural three nets fusion to interact with the grid, etc. Into the upgrade comprehensive consideration. A new retrofit should also pay attention to power grid construction and environment coordination problems, conform to the 'safe, economic, beautiful, covers an area of saving principle, conform to the requirements of the scientific concept of development. Intelligent will increasingly highlighted. Development trend of new energy and low carbon economy has been promoted to the national strategic level, a new round of retrofit access problems that should be considered rural renewable energy, wind, solar, small hydropower, biomass and other smooth access to distributed generation distribution network. New energy power generation has great potential in rural power grid. As countries vigorously promote new energy pace, during the '12th five-year', distributed new energy power generation in rural areas has a broad prospect, solve the problem of well distributed new energy power, is very important to national vigorously promote new energy power generation, electric power enterprises to organize and conduct research and pilot engineering, technical reserves for the large-scale popularization and application. Practical adjust measures to local conditions. East Midwest in China's economic and social development level differences, a new round of rural power grids transform for voluntary standards promulgated by the general area of rural and town, adjust measures to local conditions, to avoid wasteful higher standards in the west and the east to prevent standard is too low to redundant construction. Township, village, different categories, such as area, we must give full consideration to the load characteristics, power supply reliability requirements and regional development planning, reasonable optimization of space truss structure. For a particular location, has a high risk, and important users of lines, contact lines, can design a differentiation, improve the rural electric ability to withstand natural disasters. A new site to upgrade, opened a new chapter in the coordinated development of urban and rural power grid as a whole. With the pace of urbanization in our country, rural power grids will usher in a new glory.
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