China welcomed the second nuclear power construction boom

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] China into the second nuclear power construction peak globledata P black ants cable network: year to year is the first peak in the development of nuclear power in China, and at present China is building there is a crew, kilowatts, scale the world's first. As approved after months of nuclear power project - — Liaoning red plants along the river, the unit will start soon, China's nuclear power will usher in the second construction peak. Since the year China's first nuclear power plant to be designed and built - — Qinshan nuclear power plant, after years of development, with operation of nuclear power units in China, the nuclear power equipment manufacturing capability has reached to sets every year, and in technology, personnel, engineering construction, production operation, equipment manufacturing and fuel reserves and so on various aspects have reached the world high level. China's nuclear power industry association, according to data by the years, as the nuclear power unit put into operation in succession, with operation of nuclear power units in China, with a total installed kilowatts, electricity million kilowatt hour, accounts for the total installed capacity of %. Now China is building nuclear power unit, there are thousands of kilowatts, for the most of the world. China's nuclear power unit not only quantity is big, and in technology, talent and safe operation of the data to be able to meet the needs of the nuclear scale development. In the technical research and development, CGNPC and nuclear develop complete with a fully independent intellectual property rights of the third generation of nuclear power technology 'hualong no. 1', means that our country has power and compete in the world nuclear power, provides technical support for nuclear power to go out in our country. In terms of talent training, has formed the nuclear power design, engineering, operations in all areas of a mature team, in the last ten years has trained a large number of operators and nuclear power technology, has been fully able to meet the needs of the nuclear scale development. In addition, the security problem is always in the process of the development of nuclear power, the people most concerned about. The safe operation of the nuclear power is a prerequisite for the development of nuclear power. So, to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power is very important. The CPPCC national committee, China guangdong nuclear group co. , LTD. , party secretary, chairman of the board of directors He Yu, said last year CGNPC's condition is very good to the safe operation of nuclear power unit. The world association of nuclear operators ( WANO) A set of data show that China's nuclear power unit % run index reach the top is level. Can say, China's nuclear power unit operation level has reached the world advanced level, the effective support for China's nuclear power can enter the scale development orbit. At present, China's nuclear power equipment manufacture rate more than %, reactor pressure vessel, the core of the reactors in the steam generator, voltage regulator, equipment has been achieved independence. Both from the aspects of technology, talent and safe operation of the data perspective, China's nuclear scale development conditions are ripe. In the national top under multiple signal to accelerate the development of the nuclear power, will usher in the second development of China's nuclear power construction boom. More information please pay attention to the HTTP / / WWW. globledata。 com
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