China to Jakarta, Indonesia - Wan Longgao rail project only bidders

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] China in Jakarta, Indonesia - Wan Longgao project bidders only useful P recently, high-speed bidding project in Indonesia have ruled out the Japanese Shinkansen scheme, Indonesian state-owned enterprises union and China's state-owned enterprises about Jakarta - Wan Longgao iron project negotiations work still in progress, China is now the thousands of high-speed rail projects, the only bidder. Month this year, the Chinese and Japanese enterprise of Jakarta - Wan Longgao rail project submit their construction scheme, respectively. Late, the Japanese media reported that because financing conditions do not conform to the Indonesia, Japan scheme has been eliminated. Mitchell and Su Ma in Indonesia's state-owned enterprises (soes) minister, stressed that the financing way and technical level, is the key to Indonesia to make this decision. Plan conform to the Indonesian government in China, she said, 'do not take up the national budget and use state guarantees' requirement, and Japan's plan due to the Indonesian government, was rejected for the project loan guarantees. In response to whether China has won thousands of high-speed rail projects, she said: 'a certain extent, but on the two sides agreed on the establishment of a joint venture there are still some details need to be finalized, executives such as joint venture arrangement. I hope that the end of the month, the two companies will sign a formal agreement. ', analysts say China is now the Jakarta - the only bidder Wan Longgao iron project, can ultimately win the project still depends on the joint success or failure of the negotiation process, if the future both sides failed to agree on a joint venture and key issues of the project agreement, does not exclude the possibility in Indonesia to tender. Ni also explained that on the day in Indonesia has never renounced construction, high-speed rail, early last month was returned to the sino-japanese scheme, because don't want to cost the government budget for the project, but the government still think this top rail project construction to promote economic development along the Jakarta - the bandung. In addition, about the maximum speed of the train, back in early in the program after the Indonesian state department asked the top downhill to km. But she said that day, in the ask their four state-owned companies and professionals, decided to jas high-speed design for kilometers per hour. For a reporter pointed out that the Japanese accused the Indonesian government is not transparent and fair on the project, the ni responded that the Indonesian government in Jakarta - Wan Longgao iron to keep enough transparency and fairness, hope to continue to Indonesia and keep a good economic and trade cooperation between China and Japan relations.
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