China telecom damaged lines will be upgraded to a fiber optic cable

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Damaged lines will be upgraded to China telecom cable ckluo P we have heard from China telecom, for this because of the rain and snow freeze disaster road collapsed, telecom stem line damage, the need for post-disaster reconstruction areas, China telecom will implement the 'light in copper, namely the communication line repair damaged will all upgraded to a fiber optic cable to replace the original copper cable. China telecom is not fully recover input of manpower, material resources, communication company. % of the blocked user has returned to normal communication. China telecom, officials said, the implementation of post-disaster reconstruction process 'light back into the copper, the equivalent of two years in advance to complete the upgrade of rural network. Is expected by the end of this year, the damaged cable to cable work will be completed. Implement 'light in copper, is the important for the transformation of China telecom to implement network deployment, according to the original work plan, the southern provinces trunk line cable to cable work will be done in years. Expert introduction, fiber optic cable's size is only about the original copper /, / weight as the original copper, so instead of cable after, in the same distance and load capacity, rod road will greatly reduce the load-bearing, corresponding disaster ability will be greatly improved. On the effect of communication and transport, fiber optic cable and copper also will be the difference between highway and country dirt road, after the replacement cable service will be tens of thousands of users, bandwidth will increase from several megabytes to a few megabytes or mass. Especially in rural areas, changed the original copper network can only do simple voice and the condition of relatively low speed narrowband Internet, advanced network conditions for party members to the remote education and agricultural technology and agricultural products sales work, such as rural informatization process have a great role in promoting. Due to the current price hikes, optical fiber prices lower, though the communication capability of optical fiber cable exponentially increase in the number of investment is not big, but the new cable. At the same time, after the replacement cable, can effectively break DaoGe copper illegal and criminal behavior, improve the network security.
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