China's wire and cable output value has exceeded the United States

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] China's wire and cable output has surpassed the United States sanewcable P worldwide, wire and cable output in China has been more than the United States, become the world's first major producer of wire and cable. With the high-speed development of Chinese wire and cable industry, the rising number of new companies, the industry overall technical level is increased sharply. Wire and cable industry is a basic industry, now occupies the output value of China's electrical industry /, known as the 'artery' and 'nerve' of the national economy. As the second to the auto industry, its products meet the rate and the domestic market share is more than %. Since China's reform and opening up, Chinese cable manufacturing formed by the huge production capacity makes the world sit up and take notice. Years, the Chinese government actively boost domestic demand, increase investment in urban and rural power grid construction and retrofit, domestic wire and cable industry ushered in the new opportunities, and the huge development potential in the future. From the point of growth with China's rapid economic development history, in recent years, our country cable demand % growth each year, but less on the size of the cable manufacturer. At the same time, the high voltage cable with super net with cross-linked polyethylene insulation material, the domestic has been unable to production, there are many special wire and cable materials also rely on imports. Wire and cable companies breach where China's wire and cable industry product structure has been adjusted well development direction. With the eu ROHS directive promulgated, ecological environmental protection of wire and cable research and development and large-scale use has become an international trend. With the increase of ecological environmental protection consciousness, low smoke zero halogen crosslinked polyolefin insulated wire and cable applications are gradually expanding. Application at home and abroad at present, flame retardant, fire retardant cable has been expanded to many fields, such as mining, general rubber sets of cables, elevator cables, household electrical appliances with cable have flame retardant requirement of different level. Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in China have adopted low smoke zero halogen crosslinked polyolefin insulated wire and cable. Focus on technological innovation, focus on the sustainable utilization of the raw materials, only reduce the pollution of the environment, can effectively improve the utilization rate of resources, reduce the cost. Can be predicted that do well in this aspect, which enterprise will be the wire and cable industry leader just around the corner. Wire and cable companies to borrow new energy industrial upgrading kilowatts is China's first sea offshore wind power concession projects bidding, entered the stage of scale development marks the offshore wind. The construction of offshore wind farm is an important direction of current international new energy development, also will be the direction of the wind power industry development in our country. For submarine cables, its application in offshore wind power generation and transmission has broad market prospects. Due to the complexity of submarine cable engineering is the world recognized as difficult big project, from the environment detection, Marine physical survey, as well as the design, manufacture and installation of the cable, the application of complex technology, and so far the submarine cable manufacturer in the world is still few. At present, the application of submarine power cable in most of the need to import. At present, the cable on the technical level, also cannot be compared with the foreign counterparts, especially manufacturing kv and above voltage grade photoelectric composite submarine cable, submarine crosslinking cable technology at present domestic at the development stage, some deep and oil platforms with high technology content products domestic also only in the stage of understanding; Some special submarine cable technology is more little, there is still a long way for us to go. Our country has a great demand on the cable, cable manufacturing enterprises, such as to seize the opportunity, independent innovation, to take advantage of their advantage conditions for the development of submarine cable products, will not only gain a foothold in the domestic market, also is likely to give full play to the domestic cost advantage, to enter the international market. Now the domestic wire and cable companies face a period of rapid development, it has to do with China's economic and social development, national defense, energy, and other fields are closely linked. According to the national plan, will speed up the construction of new countryside and rural urbanization. It takes considerable power support, there would be more in need of large dosage of wire and cable. Not long ago, the state grid corporation ( Hereinafter referred to as its) Released to completion in north China, east China, central China ( 'Three China') Uhv power grid, the formation of 'three vertical and three horizontal and one ring'. On the same day, announced its operating voltage of the highest in the world kv southeast shanxi - nanyang - jingmen uhv ac testing demonstration project has been through the national acceptance, it marks the uhv is no longer a 'test' and 'demonstration' stage, the follow-up project is expected to speed up the approval and construction process. China cable network in the future years, uhv investment amount will have increased significantly. Its goal is to years to build the 'three China' uhv grid synchronization as the center, northeast, northwest kv uhv power grid network for sending, link each big coal base, large hydropower bases, big base for nuclear power, renewable energy base, the coordinated development of power grids at all levels of smart grid. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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