China's wind power development present situation and prospects

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] The development of China's wind power and the prospects of ckluo P in this paper, a quote from the The south cable network] Wind power is the most mature in new energy technology, the largest development condition and the commercialization prospects for development way of generating. The power generation cost and the traditional power generation way of nearly, the wind energy resources of our country is very rich. At present, the grid type fan is mainly provided by foreign manufacturers, large fan also can only rely on import or production with foreign cooperation. In fan manufacture level, China's production of maximum wind farm group power for kW & #; International mainstream models of megawatt wind power facilities in our country is still in the development stage, but it can be expected, with the localization and successful application of megawatt wind power equipment promotion, China is about to become one of the most impressive countries in the world wind power development. At present our country about GW has proven reserves of wind power, which can use wind power is about GW, mainly distributed in the northwest, north China and northeast grassland and gobi and the east and southeast coast and the islands. By the end of the year, China has to build grid type wind power, the cumulative execution contemplating the group stage, with a total capacity of wind power generator. MW( To complete the whole hoisting as statistical basis) 。 Our country has been built for grid-connected power generation of wind field are mainly distributed in xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, guangdong, zhejiang, liaoning and other places. Compared with other countries, our country's wind power grid type progress slowly, only accounts for the total installed capacity of wind power. %, although have to build a wind farm, but lack of capacity of the average wind field. KW, has not yet formed the scale. In addition, due to the restriction of various conditions, the interconnection of wind power technology research and development compared with the advanced world level, gap is very big, is also far behind the requirements for the construction of wind farms in our country. Especially the shortage of funds in our country, it is not a lot of investment in wind farm construction, so the market at present basically by foreign occupying, % of installed equipment imported from abroad. At present, the grid type wind power generator is mainly Bonus, Vestas, NEGMicon, Nordtank, Nordex, Gamesa and other foreign manufacturers to provide, in the fan manufacture level, has become the international mainstream models of megawatt machine localization in China is still in the development, production of maximum wind farm group power is only kW. At present a large fan can only rely on import or production with foreign cooperation. Until the end of the year, our country in the implementation of the cumulative contemplating the group is given priority to with kw wind power generator, there are set, MW ( ) More than a fleet of group of set, in kw ( ) ~l kw( Do not contain) Within the scope of the fleet of group accounts for % of the total, including kW, kW and several kW power rating. Our country started the construction of wind power, about - RMB/kW, after the later part of the localization, cost to around RMB/kW.
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