China's first central photovoltaic train horns operation

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] China's first central photovoltaic train horns operation globledata P, learned that China's first central photovoltaic train horns operation, after the country's imports photovoltaic products mode of transportation in the future. Afternoon, zhengzhou central European pv trains whistling operation to Hamburg, Germany, the first loading a container in total megawatts of solar photovoltaic modules from zhengzhou, by zheng's train stations throughout Eurasia days can be arrived in Hamburg, Germany. It is reported, this is our first imported pv train. China's photovoltaic industry is China's strategic emerging industries, photovoltaic products quality and cheap, photovoltaic market dominant in Europe. The world's leading position and clean environmental protection of China pv industry attributes of the industry, make pv train zheng the trains high-quality flagship project. Delivery Fang Yingli photovoltaic power ( International) The relevant person in charge of group, said, 'before we lose the photovoltaic products mainly by sea and air transportation, railway transportation for the first time, in general, central photovoltaic train speed is faster than by sea, the cost is lower than air, higher security, can make our products more competitive. 'It is reported that our country has already opened china-eu article such as photovoltaic (pv) train the trains lines, has contributed to further promote the trade between the countries, to promote the development of global trade integration among different regions, and at the same time increase and encourage more Chinese enterprises to go out, to increase its competitiveness in the international market.
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