China's cable industry towards the world is the trend of The Times

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] China cable industry towards the world is the trend of The Times zhdljyw P as the blood of the national economy, China's wire and cable industry has made a great contribution to the economic development, the current era is peaceful development, mutual benefit and win-win for the mainstream, but as China's wire and cable companies, adhere to the innovation and development, keep open and cooperative attitude is very important. In just a few days ago the end of the world wire and cable, senior fellow at the state department of speech as the theme of the emphasis on the development of Chinese wire and cable industry at a crossroads, at present the whole of China are close to the companies, and in the future there will be a part of enterprises eliminated from the wire and cable market, while the other part of the enterprise will grow stronger, of course, in this market can develop only the economic and technical strength, with international practice, continuously expand the market of enterprises. China's wire and cable companies to develop, must go to the world, economic globalization and capital internationalization is the trend of The Times, as now the government advocated by the 'neighbourhood' policy, throughout the history of the world, so the company's project is inherited from the silk road, at the same time, the evolution of the silk road because it involves more than just along the country, the impact of the country, involving the billions around the world population, and fulfill the mission of wire and cable enterprises in China need to work hard. At the same time, our country enterprise moves towards the world need to pay attention to history and culture of each country is different, legal environment, the enterprise needs to pay attention to the 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do', particular case is particular analysis, improve the ability to learn and accept new things, the influence of the integration of resources, to further expand the market to achieve the international leading position.
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