China's cable industry internationalization thinking ( Revealing)

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] China's cable industry internationalization thinking ( Revealing) Limingxing P wire and cable industry after years of development, has made great progress, but is still not out of the strange circle of big but not strong, and the world first-class enterprise are still a big gap compared. Individual enterprises in technology is still not enough to compete with foreign giants. But with the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the world cable manufacturers to accelerate to enter this attractive market, and become an important supplier of the Chinese cable market. Foreign cable giant is confident that with the new development of China's cable industry, likely one or two in the coming years to compete with foreign companies in China. The interpretation of Chinese DianLanYe, can't help worrying. There is no doubt that the cable power of journey the achievements of China's cable industry. A lot of cables are already feeling the pressure from foreign enterprises. At present, in China's nuclear power cable nexon possession % % share of China's Marine cable % share, and have continued to rise trend. In South Korea LS cable is expected to build factories in China, sales income will reach one hundred million yuan. At present, the world's top manufacturers have investment in China, in which manufacturers have at least one cable factory. China's wire and cable industry at home and abroad under the background of competition, improve the independent innovation ability is the assurance of cable industry to achieve sustainable development. Cable enterprise research and development center set up at present, cooperation with scientific research institutes to promote technology level, and in the practice of independent innovation, formed the internal driven development pattern, with the aid of global technology platform for domestic research and development and so on the many kinds of mode of combining the independent innovation system. Cable industry research and development ability have been improved, but deal with international competition of cable company, this progress is too slow. At present, the domestic only % of cable products internationally competitive, % of cable products in the international monopoly enterprises. Although China has become a major country of cable production and consumption, but for a long time, a serious shortage of capacity for independent innovation in China's cable industry, most businesses did not grasp the core technology, and the west in the hands of the high-end core technology of manufacturing, and to the technology and quality to earn high profits, multinational operations. In order to profit less than % of the low-end market, locked in a Titanic several local companies; And about the global manufacturers LiRunLiang as much as % of high-end market segmentation. Even in the low-end market, domestic enterprises also live not comfortable, some enterprises to seize market share, to reduce the production cost, there is a huge potential safety hazard, lead to products will affect the image of the whole industry. This makes improving self-directed innovation capability to become a rather complicated and sensitive problem, especially in the economic globalization is very outstanding characteristics of the cable industry, the connotation of independent innovation, methods, mechanism and the government role is more complex. How to cultivate and promote enterprise's core competitiveness, independent innovation is an important topic in front of our cable enterprises. China special cable base high ditch town of cable enterprise independent innovation in our country, explore a way which can be reference, help to promote the sustainable development of the cable industry in China, implementation by 'power cable' to 'power cable'. Huaxing cable marketing director Zhu Aijing believes that will determine the future of China DianLanYe our capacity for independent innovation, product innovation and differentiation will determine the future of the enterprise. Huaxing, valin, etc in the leading position of cable enterprises in China have been from the aspects of technology, management, and established the strategic goal of creating international cable brand. As a special cable industry leader huaxing group, it's in the national electric wire electric cable of its own. They are targeting the goal of the first brand of special cable. Zhu Aijing also stressed that China's enterprises should be based on domestic and international, with a global vision to integrate global resources, based on the huge demand for electric power development in China, expand enterprise strategic depth, will make international cable companies. Although domestic outstanding cable enterprises and multinational enterprises still have gap, but through technology, management innovation, China's achievements DianLanYe cable power's dream is not far away. He also pointed out that cable companies now need most now may not be hard work attitude, but raise head to reflect on enterprise development strategy, enterprise development strategy adjustment, promote enterprise comprehensive innovation to improve. Too many miracle cable enterprises in China is not afraid of competition, perhaps, as long as give them enough time, will appear in the market at home and abroad, many comprehensive compete abroad cable giant cable enterprises in China.
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