China is once again dominate the itu-t T cable facilities to international standards

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] China again dominated ITUT cable facilities of international standard audade P in recent years, the world's telecommunications infrastructure construction of rapid development, is one of the important content of FTTX construction. According to CRU report data statistics, the annual global consumption of the construction of FTTX fiber. Million kilometers of fiber, the total length about circle around the earth, and reached a new peak, FTTX fiber % of all cable needs. Around the world in FTTX construction large problems encountered: national circumstances difference is bigger, cable facilities without a unified, standardized products, even in different countries, even the product name is multifarious. Points of light fibre box, box, such as housing, like traffic 'overpass', is a regional hub FTTX optical cable network. The international standardization of box, helps to ensure that computer equipment, the backbone fiber optic cable, wiring cable and enter a fiber optical fiber routing between accurate flow smoothly, convenient for standard equipment manufacturing and construction. A few days ago, in the ITUT SG plenary session held in Geneva, Switzerland, dominated by balefire communication in combination with the international standard ITUT L. Technical requirements: 'passive optical node points of light fibre box' won the plenary session considered pass. This is the must joint the dominant ITUT L. After approved, the Chinese dominated again ITUT cable facilities to international standards. Work on the international standards issued in China is becoming more and more intense sound. The new standard ITUT L. Rules apply to indoor/outdoor lighting points overall technical requirements of fiber box, including the optical fiber management system, cable accessories, spectral/mechanical performance and environmental performance of the molten fiber case etc, and the previous published ITUT L. 'Passive optical node technical requirements: outdoor light box' and other international standards, together constitute a complete set of technical requirements for passive optical node standard system. This series of the release and implementation of the standards will effectively promote the standardization of the optical network physical facilities related products all over the world, the unification of design language, promote the development of telecommunication industry of international trade. Starting from July, China academy of information and communication, communication, China unicom, Belgium kombucha ( Commscope连接)原 Unit experts such as editing team to push the L. Successful project, and in the years to form the draft standard draft, last year, after a lot of discussion and opinions to adopt, finally finished ITUT L joint. The formulation of the standard. The ITUT SG plenary session, balefire communication experts also received another international standard ITUT L. 'The optical fiber composite overhead ground wire cable ( OPGW) Installation 'edit seats, means that the war will lead to complete the revision of the international standard. L ITUT standards. Issued in years, the optical fiber composite overhead ground wire cable ( OPGW) Installation technical requirements, as the standard set by the early time, with the development of technology, exposed the imperfection of the original part, the part did not provide the details of the technical requirements, can not effectively guide the installation in construction, such as the fiber strength requirements, the construction of the feeding advice 'to the appropriate tension' and did not give specific advice value or reference value. Fire based on its own accumulation of OPGW and installation experience, put forward pay-off tension inspection before installation, construction and acceptance standard and content requirements such as multiple revision Suggestions, for the meeting to adopt and agreed to start the revision. Must attach great importance to international standards, participated in almost all influential international and domestic standards organization work, there are more than a dozen experts in ITUT, IEEE, OIF as found in the international organization for standardization, such as materials, including the chairman, reporting and editing, a number of important position, has led or participated in established international standards of several, national standards for a number, a number of industry standard.
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