China is no longer belong to the category of optical fiber in emerging markets

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] China is no longer belong to the category of fiber emerging markets CRU globledata P market research institutions is no longer the China into the emerging market category. After consecutive years of rapid growth, China's optical fiber market is already very mature, shipments accounted for nearly half around the world. CRU has released statistics show that in optical fiber shipped around the world. Hundred million kilometers of fiber, year-on-year growth %. This data and is slightly lower than expected more than hundred million kilometers of fiber. CRU said, fiber main growth area is the emerging markets, such as Africa and southeast Asia. It is also directly contributing to the increased by % cable trade volume compared to the global market. China is no longer classified into the fiber category of emerging markets. Analysts expect the Chinese year will be a huge fiber shipments on the basis of the small growth. It is understood that in China mobile in the thousands of kilometers of fiber optical fiber, this undoubtedly give industry a shot in the arm. This year, China telecom and China unicom will increase capital spending, to expand rapidly the FDD network, in addition to the base station connected directly to produce the demand for optical fiber, as well as upgrading of backbone network, transmission network and new, will maintain the boom of China's optical fiber market. China's current optical fiber industry, however, there are some problems, such as excess capacity. Chinese optical fiber manufacturers have begun to develop overseas markets. Predictably, a few years time in the future, and to the rising power of China manufacturers or as one of the main cable supplier of emerging markets.
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