China is also pursuing Japan MDCV cable process

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] China is also pursuing Japan MDCV cable technology? Zzyygg P China is also pursuing Japan MDCV cable process? Over the years, the Japanese MDCV ( Long ChengMo method) Crosslinking cable manufacturing equipment for hand tool, to be blocked in China. But today, China's cable industry still pursue MDCV cable technology in Japan? According to the electric wire electric cable brief history records, MDCV crosslinking method is the Anaheim kangda ( Anaconda) Wire and cable company invented and patented, called Anakanda process. Later, due to the wire and cable industry is very competitive, the company launched crosslinking cable manufacturing competition, and failed to make the new process into practice. Years, great day Japan wire and cable company cooperation and mitsubishi oil chemical company, purchased the Anaheim kangda electric wire electric cable companies in the United States patent, make this crosslinking methods, referred to as the MDCV method. Years, Japan wire and cable companies to apply for the great day MDCV method patent. MDCV means' mitsubishi - continuous great day crosslinking method. Technical means long ChengMo crosslinking method. Using horizontal crosslinking tube MDCV method. The crosslinking pipe tightly packed on the extrusion. Extrusion mold for m. To the tube extrusion insulation wire core, filling the silicone oil lubricant, and result in crosslinking of polyethylene in the mould. MDCV method has the advantage of cover an area of an area small, do not need to build crosslinking tower, can stably produce large cross-section crosslinking cable, production speed and meters high VCV vertical crosslinking unit. Made of MDCV method crosslinking cable product quality improved obviously. However, when the need to produce different specifications of cable, mould replacement is pretty troubling, flexibility is not strong, and the cable core is covered by silicone oil, cleaning is very trouble, thus promoting unhappiness in the world, so far only export production lines. Because at that time in the world manufacturing high voltage and ultrahigh pressure crosslinking cable equipment and technology is not much, so the MDCV method very attention by the cable industry. In the revitalization of goal programming in our country, has the development MDCV crosslinking equipment listed as key projects, but without any equipment factory. According to cable expert analysis, the Japanese MDCV equipment also has many shortcomings, so for many years in the world did not increase the new production line, Japan some cable works even began to transfer the MDCV equipment, but declined to provide technology. Made of MDCV method crosslinking cable, although the appearance of roundness is good, but will still be eccentric, mould investment is too large, a crosslinking pipe die to a specification. S. VCV method to rapidly popularized in the world, through the improvement, the roundness of the cable, production speed, insulation eccentricity, microporous content, etc. , have made great progress, almost completely over the MDCV method. Japan has always been to blockade MDCV crosslinking method in our country, many quote us export to american-european countries is much higher than the price, to restrict the introduction of this technology in China at a high price. It is reported, and s, Japan had cable factory, guangdong cable factory in Shanghai and guangdong foshan zhongbao cable factory do the MDCV quotation, quotation dollars, thousands of dollars and thousands of dollars. Angered the cable industry in China, and the determination to developed this kind of equipment. But because the VCV technology matures, there is no need to go to follow the Japanese crawling. , to say the MDCV crosslinking method is down, there has been no new production line installation, is a dead-end crosslinking cable manufacturing process, may be eliminated. ( http / / www。 qx。 com. Cn China electronics industry network reference: the south cable network) [hscable edited]
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