China into the world's largest shipbuilder ship line usage in the world

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] China into the world's largest shipbuilder dosage in shipboard cable world first BSCRM P, the financial times reported in terms of deadweight tonnage, in the first half of this year from China's shipbuilding orders soaring %, lead to changes in the world's largest shipbuilder seats. China more than South Korea finally, become the world's largest shipbuilder, therefore, Chinese Marine cable production is first in the world. China's State Oceanic Administration ( 国家海洋局) Claims have been recognized by the south Korean government yesterday. South Korean industry resources quoted (clarkson Clarkson) Data representation, undertake orders in China in the first half of the year to deadweight tonnage, while South Korea to deadweight tonnage. South Korea shipbuilding industry accounting for the international market share, but China has been rising briskly. Calculated on fixed tons of growth, however, South Korea in ten thousand tons of new orders in a leading position, while China is ten thousand tons. Fixed tons is the comparison of the commonly used indicators, because it contains a type of added value. Despite China's shipbuilding industry has developed rapidly, but its rival South Korea orders value is still far ahead, Korean shipbuilders are more efficient at the same time, and faster delivery speed. South Korea boasts the world's largest home builders hyundai heavy industries co. , LTD ( 韩国现代重工集团) , samsung heavy industries ( 三星重工业) And daewoo shipbuilding and Marine engineering co. , LTD. ( 大宇造船和海洋工程) 。 In the first half of this year, Korean shipbuilders won the million dollars worth of orders, year-on-year growth. %, reached record levels, this is due to the high price ship orders rose, such as daewoo for American oil giant chevron ( Chevron) Made a $drill ship. Consultancy IRC, managing director of Peter? Bartholomew ( 彼得·巴塞洛缪) Said: 'the productivity of Korean yards ahead, time of delivery is very on time, and this is a big problem in China. 'but China shipyard has started to diversify production. The state-owned China state shipbuilding corporation ( 中国船舶工业集团公司) This week to deliver the first Chinese super large container ship designed and built. So far, this kind of ship production in South Korea, Japan and Denmark.
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