China DianLanYe start 'world-class brand' strategy

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] China DianLanYe start 'world-class brand' strategy day Hao P electric power, telecommunications, railway and highway, construction, automobile and ship manufacturing in key areas such as national economy development is the strong pull the wire and cable industry market growth. However, China's only % of cable varieties can accept and can participate in the competition to the international market, multinational cable giant always holds an enormous advantage in the high-end products, and to share most of the profits, and thousands of domestic cable companies struggling to compete for in not much profit. No world-class brand ', 'China has become the pain of the entire wire and cable industry. Reassuringly, highly suffering consciousness cable artificially improve product core competitiveness, to build a world-class brand of cable and trying. Over the years, China DianLanYe promoting its brand work all the time, increase the strength of creating famous brand. (date) (month) (year), wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association organization for the annual working meeting of wire and cable industry to promote the Chinese famous brand products. The meeting is put forward, in the far east cable co. , LTD. , production enterprises so as to obtain certificate of Chinese famous brand products, on the basis of not only to work as do fine and stronger, creating famous brand and to cultivate more Chinese famous brand in the industry, the world famous brand. Recently, yixing city, quality work and cable industry product quality in construction activity mobilization meeting and the far east cable co. , LTD and other companies together to the city's wire and cable companies issued 'pursuit of cable quality credit enterprise' initiative, party secretary Jiang Hongliang requirements around the various functional departments increase financial industry brand construction, land, project construction and other aspects of policy support and protection, and to provide more quality services. Regardless of the industry association, or the governments at all levels, for make unremitting efforts for the work DianLanYe create brand. And in the leading position of cable enterprises in China have been from the aspects of technology, management, but also established the strategic goal of creating world-class cable brand. As the cable industry leader, — Far east holding group, to create it in years, years sustain average growth of more than %, develop with assets billion, annual sales of more than ten billion yuan of large enterprise groups, in the national electric wire electric cable hit a number of the first in the industry, and won the China enterprises can get almost all high level honors, including Asia international honor brand innovation, etc. Has just won the industry leader brand of the far east holding group chairman Jiang Xipei believes that the scale of Chinese DianLanYe has been listed in the world, but Chinese DianLanYe big but not strong, strengthen its brand work becomes very urgent. Our far east has established the future years, he said, the goal of making the first brand of world DianLanYe, will together with other advanced enterprise in the industry, leading industry, to strengthen national cable industry and make unremitting efforts. Cable enterprises in China is in the difficult path toward a world brand, and we firmly believe that their success is not the technology, is not the capital will, but in the humanistic spirit, is a kind of 'industrial spirit' of China. Can they cable giant comprehensive compete in domestic and foreign markets abroad, leading the world DianLanYe, need time to prove. Cable enterprises in China more than one step away from the brand in the world, while China cable companies need now is not only hard work, get breakthrough in the field of technology innovation, management innovation, and to raise your head to think more enterprise strategic planning, cultural ideas, make your goals more clear and reasonable.
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