Chemical foam pig health hazard must be vigilant

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Chemical foam pig health hazard must be alert to pony P recently, the Beijing some fresh market merchants had the use of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide chemical raw materials such as pig's feet, anything sold out every day near one thousand catties. The pig's feet invariably white inside deeply red, look very well. After investigation found that the bond-slip of pig's tentacles that tastes pungent chemical potions. Month, the local industrial and commercial bureau public security departments such as joint law enforcement, the part of the pig's feet, seized the market meat exchange test and sent to the testing institutions. Subsequently, the Ministry of Commerce and industry to soak feet site investigation, now the site has been cleared. It is reported, 'chemical whitening' pig use a variety of chemical additives, anything including sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide, sodium nitrite substances, such as long-term intake will damage human health. In order to obtain more information, I went to the rich experiences in the field of food testing with the third examination organization PONY spectrum test, consult experts. PONY spectrum test food testing expert told me that unscrupulous vendors use of sodium hydroxide to absorbing water weight, make the pig fat, again using hydrogen peroxide bleaching and preservation, the pig's feet 'is more white than paper is bright and clean, and sodium nitrite has the role of hair color, corrosion protection and improving the flavor, by color, can make the pig's feet fleshy white inside deeply red. After these chemicals soak, originally can be more hair yellow pig's feet thoroughly 'beauty'. However, sodium hydroxide ( Caustic soda) Belong to the processing aid, not as a food additive added to the food directly; Hydrogen peroxide ( Hydrogen peroxide) Only can be used for bleaching of packaging materials, or direct contact with food. For nitrite, according to the ministry of health of the latest release of the standards of using food additives, sodium nitrite in processing. finally, sauce, smoked, spiced meat, grilled, Fried meat, ham and cooked food such as meat, canned meat products processing, raw meat is not within the scope of use, illegal behavior. At the same time, the new standards have a strict limits on sodium nitrite, per kilogram of maximum amount. G. Long-term consumption of chemical pig's feet can cause substantial damage to human body health, such as digestive tract mucosa damage, low blood oxygen transport capacity, induce cancer, etc. Therefore, PONY spectrum test experts advise related food enterprises, in order to their own reputation and people's health and safety reasons, should be strictly prohibited products used in and add non-food substances, according to the standards of using food additives reasonable standard use of food additives. Only the health and safety of food products to win the trust of consumers, thus get a long-term development in market competition and a broader space.
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