Cheer for cable industry attaches great importance to the technical workers

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Cheer for cable industry attaches great importance to the technical workers BSCRM P cheer for cable industry attaches great importance to the technical workers, according to reports in wire and cable industry in the second half of 'the national electric wire electric cable inspection worker vocational skills contest a complete success, is our country wire and cable manufacturing professional ( Type of work) For the first time in history is listed as a national competition, and national professional in the industry, Type of work) Series are held for the first time. In wire and cable industry, the competition, produced extensive and far-reaching influence. According to reports, in recent years, the recruitment of wire and cable enterprise of guangdong province has been troubled, especially the number of wire and cable manufacturing and inspection work operation workers, but also in short supply. The main reasons are as follows: one is the source of human greatly reduced, the previous army south into guangdong than usual to reduce the number of workers; The second is the original wire and cable enterprise work personnel in guangdong has quite part of the stream to the Yangtze river delta, especially technical personnel; 3 it is to work in guangdong cable enterprise benefits have lost their appeal gradually; Four is order is not stable, wire and cable enterprise personnel to fixed, and frequently repeated firing recruitment, make the applicant has a strange fear. We can see that the competition is' timely rain ', conform to the requirement of the current development of wire and cable industry trend, fully recognize the do a good job the importance and urgency of high-skilled talents, reflect the cable industry insight foresight. 。 By 'lack of skilled workers' thought, according to 'China environmental news' report, according to a survey of companies in Beijing, Beijing municipal technical workers a gap of more than ten thousand people are currently, total skill talent team, the lack of high-skilled talents. Enterprise in Beijing during the '11th five-year' demand for skilled workers accounted for % of the total enterprise employees, and now can only meet the demand of %, the number of specific to the % difference is more than ten thousand people. And from suppliers, the Beijing school of technical secondary school, vocational and technical school each year three kinds of secondary vocational technical school students only ~ ten thousand, and have stayed at % above the average employment rate of recent years, there have been in short supply situation. , according to Xinhua News Agency in chengdu, has held the first session of the negotiation meeting of senior technical and management personnel, the approach of a number of candidates for the assistant general manager, marketing director, and other senior management positions it bleed threshold, and hundred senior skilled worker positions related to mechanical design, heat energy is neglected. An enterprise in sichuan province issued a salary of ten thousand yuan prices recruiting senior technicians, but without success. After the factory director helplessly say: 'now looking for a skilled technical workers is harder than to find a doctoral student? ”; Ten thousand yuan of annual salary to find a senior technicians, and salary is not high, a senior management position is bustling. This phenomenon, in our wire and cable industry, senior management personnel to a certain extent, to tend to be saturated, the senior skilled worker is scarce, in short supply. According to newspaper article, shenzhen senior fitter's monthly income of market pricing has been higher than master's graduates; Other news is that the Beijing daily papers, owing to shortage of senior skilled workers, has seriously restricted the high and new technology industry development in Beijing. Recently, the Labour market, according to a study of the great demand of the senior technology talents in our country, many enterprises technical workers appear fault, taking guangdong province as an example, this year the province's total social labor supply. For ten thousand people, the total demand. Ten thousand people, including the demand for skilled workers accounted for. %, while the supply of skilled workers accounted for % of the total. Among them, the senior technical personnel with senior professional qualification certificate in the lack of more. Skilled workers, cultural quality is not high, a direct consequence of is the enterprise product quality pass. The same watches accessories, factory assembly in China, would probably be assembled products competitive in Switzerland; And the vehicle assembled in China, and foreign manufacturers of the original product quality is far; People are willing to buy Japanese, German electrical products, an important reason is that its good quality and reliable, favored by users, and the important guarantee of the quality of support is their skilled workers accounted for as much as % of the total number of workers. Skilled workers in China, by contrast, still accounts for less than %, which is imported components after our workers to assemble the quality than the original one of the important reasons.
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